Planetary Light Meditation 13


Activation Meditation
Sliding Scale: $11 –  $44


Join us for another powerful planetary transmission for humanity and it’s ascension process. Things are really heating up and many are buying into the fear: the fear of being infected; the fear of dying; the fear of losing friends; the fear of being called crazy or unpatriotic; the fear of losing your job; the fear of losing your home or having to move; the fear of not enough money and resources; the fear of the unknown; the fear of getting more sick; the fear of depression setting in; the fear of possible suicdie; the fear of more stress, tension, anxiety and worry; the fear of pending gloom, doom and hopelessness; the fear of giving up; the fear of losing family; the fear of your children being safe; the fear of your safety net vanishing in an instant; the fear of your security and safety; and the fear of pending nightmares. Core issues are definitely up for review and choice.

We are witnessing the polarization of humanity and the us Vs them mentality, on many levels. Which way do we go? Where are the sign posts? Where are the markers? As we move closer to the completion of this calendar year, the intensity will be ramping up, to a level never before seen on this planet. Some say we are heading into the end times. Time is ending, so in that sense, yes, we are in the end of days but not the end. It is the beginning of a new dawn.This is not the time to give up, but an opportunity to build your faith and trust in self, in God, in the benevolent universe. 

Let us come together in the oneness of thought and being and bring forth, not only your personal healing and transformation, but also the enlightenment for this planetary system and all life upon it. We can choose another outcome than what we see on the news and videos. We have the power to alter this timeline and the destiny of earth. The power to hold the State of Becoming is our’s to have and to blecome. We invite all to join us, including your ancestors, family members and pets, and your guardian angels and higher selves. We will use the magical power of 13 in this spontaneous transmission from the Quantum.

What People Are Saying:

“Thank you for the incredible Planetary Light Meditation 13, which has taken me on a multi-dimensional exploration of new spaces of greater possibilities of unlimited co-creation.  We are now supported for our evolutionary ascension of consciousness while in our physical bodies., like never before.  Divine balance is now being gifted to us for our conscious choosing.

The Great Pyramids of Giza, Khofou is illuminated in gold  light with it’s tip restored to gold, one  with the Golden Sphinx and Halls of Amenti now opened to us with our codes re-written to align us with our empowerment.

New light Codes are streaming into the Earth from Orions belt through Lionsgate 888 portal, dissolving  the old paradigm of polarization  and duality matrix, allowing us to one into balance and stability.

All the stars of the heavens are singing our individual and collective unified soul song home, supporting our remembrance  of our true origin.

One Soul Family, One heart, One Mind, One Love through sacred geometry of  the Golden Ratio of 12 creating new connection grids with all healed inner children, humanity, all animals and species unified with the New Earth  and Above.

Thank you Kenji for creating a safe unified platform to consciously co-create our Utopian New Earth possibilities, through the Joyful Quantum Light Weavers Community. Joyfully Brilliant.”

Kenji’s activations are evergreen. When you hear this is exactly when you were meant to receive this message.

Originally Recorded Live, Sep 20, 2020