Planetary Light Meditation 15


Live Activation Meditation
Mp3 Audio + Video


In our continuing series on personal and planetary healing, we will move further into the collective unconscious to heal the ancestral and collective wounds of our past. The intensity is reaching its zenith (for how long is still to be determined) and we must stay in divine balance to ride out this wave of transformation. This is the last PLM before our elections as we witness the playing out of the polarity of the old matrix. It is important to stay in divine neutrality as we witness the destruction of the old ways and the bringing in of the NEW.

Many are experiencing medical issues, relationship challenges, possible new career moves, new location options and the challenge of do I really want to be here (mostly the younger and older generations). The lockdown has forced us to go within and to make new choices and intentions.It has also brought up all our unconscious fears, doubts and insecurities. Everything is being brought up into the LIght for healing, transmutation and transformation.

We will bring forth the cleansing energies for the Earth Mother, her grid system and power points and a deep alignment with the power of truth and balance. The ascension process brings up everything for review. Our core issues are triggered so we can heal our past judgments, conditioning and imprinting. We will go into correcting our unconscious mind viruses and clearing out unconscious levels of mind interference and tribal consciousness, or mass hypnosis. These patterns go way back into our history and are part of the old matrix. It is time to be free of all conditioning and dna imprinting. We will call forth Divine Intervention.

Join us for another powerful personal and planetary cleansing and the reset for our biology and spiritual anatomy. This is the time to establish our new earth reality and vision of what is to come. Your ancestors and pets are welcome to attend.

Kenji’s recordings are evergreen and just as potent listened as a replay. This activation was Recorded Live Oct 18, 2020