Planetary Light Meditation 8


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In this continuing series, we will go into how we can implement the internal changes we have been creating to manifest the New reality we desire according to our soul’s vision as we move further into the Great Planetary Shift. The many changes that are occurring on the planet are triggering the unconscious to heal the remnants of our past life patterns that we brought into this incarnation for completion. The emotional body has been shaken to its core. The mental body has been deeply stirred and agitated. Some are experiencing PTSD type symptoms and ascension symptoms.

We are being challenged to either take “sides” or remain in observer mode. How are we to react or respond to these energetic challenges? How are we to deal with all of this, in our career, our relationships, in our money flow and in our self esteem? How are we to move into the new reality while the world remains in chaos? We will bring in divine guidance and direction so we can be clear as to our inner direction and focus. A planetary cleansing will be included in the activation.

Please join us as we activate our inner knowing, wisdom and compassion in these times of great challenge. Your pets and ancestors are welcome to attend!

This MP3 was recorded live Sunday, July 12th, 2020