Planetary Light Meditation I


Activation + Full Presentation Available Now
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A global transmission on bringing in the 5D Light to Gaia and humanity to support the transition into the new earth frequency. We will align with the Realms of Light, the angels and Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light in coordinating the planetary cleansing, reset and upgrade that we all have been waiting for. 
Practical tools to stay calm and focused in these times of change. Your manifesting abilities will be enhanced and empowered as well as your hidden creative talents and gifts. Be prepared to release unconscious fears of the unknown and how you are going to navigated through the veil of forgetfulness.
All are invited. Let’s get the party going!
What People Are Saying:
“Kenji, thank you for the activation….very powerful !! It’s my perception that you are one of the most authentic, heart-centered light workers / shamans / healers among us. Thank you for doing all that you are doing.”
– Aisha S.
“Waited all my life for this!”
— Sandy
“So grateful for this guidance and assistance that was so needed. Sending love.”
— Agnes
Originally Recorded Saturday, April 4th 2020