Planetary Light Meditation III


MP3 Activation 1hr


“This activation was unbelievably off the charts, so much so I was dancing all round the house and singing, you opened my right brain creativity back up.again. So intense and powerful as you addressed my fragmented soul last night. – Carol C.

This activation is a followup to the previous Planetary Light Meditations. In this call we will focus on clearing the unconscious blocks to manifesting your New Reality and how to move through this Shift with ease and grace.

Many issues are coming up for lightweavers: doubt about the future, past life fears that have not been addressed, what do I do now, where am I going. Your body is reacting to the collective fear and confusion. Your sensitivity is being challenged. How do I maintain my space and yet remain aware of the many possibilities.

Join us for a powerful planetary clearing.

Testimonials from Previous Planetary Meditations:

“I truly believe our collective journey has brought us to this moment in time..this moment of experiencing our own light ….collectively…all your Activations since 2012 have prepared our bodies, mind and soul for the next evolutionary evolving……I want to express my deep gratitude to you for guiding me through the darkest times of my journey…into the light….I know for certain..I never would have made it this far without you…you work or your words….and I probably speak for many… Bless you Kenji…” – Rose B.

“These calls are so powerful for me…thank you Kenji.” – Kris O.

“This was so pure and potent. I listened to it again and I was seduced in pure love and trances out. The healing is such a good feeling, it was my first time, so I felt it immensely. Kenji god bless and thank you.” – Carol C.

Recorded live, May 7, 2020