Planetary Transmission Bundle #2 (2020)


10 Activation Bundle
10 Hours of Audio & Video



As the world entered a full lockdown and forced introspective year, dramatic inner change continued for humanity. In these final 10 calls of 2020, Kenji builds upon the energy of each planetary activation to bring in light grids for the planet.

These activations are transmissions bringing in the 5D Light to Gaia and humanity to support the transition into the new earth frequency. Align with the Realms of Light, the angels and Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light in coordinating the planetary cleansing, reset and upgrade that we all have been waiting for.

Activations Included:


Planetary Light Meditation 10

Your expressed Intentions will deter the guided custom meditation that will be spontaneously presented to each one of you personally as we journey together in the LIght of Understanding and Truth. Be prepared for another amazing gathering of Souls as we spin the cocoon of light around the planet. We will be assisted by the Great White Brotherhood /Sisterhood and Alpha and Omega and the divine presence of GAIA. Your ancestors, family members and pets are most welcome to attend. The new millennial generation are most welcome.

Planetary Light Meditation 11

The planetary upgrade and custom guided meditation will be based on your expressed Intentions as we journey together into the higher realms of light and love as we collectively bring forth another planetary upgrade from the christ grid of Blessings and Grace. We will be assisted by planetary Logos energy, the sacred heart of GAIA, Alpha and Omega and the Inner Earth City Of Light. Your ancestors, family members and pets are most welcome.The new millennial generation are most welcome.

Planetary Light Meditation 12

We will be aligning with the power of 12 as we call in the 12 Tribes of the Hierarchy and the 12 Tribes of Inner Earth. 12 represents the Rays of the New Earth and the Ascension. This transmission will be a potent catalyzing event for humanity and the planet. It’s effect will go deep into the womb of the Earth Mother. The Rays, powered by the Central Sun, has the inherent capacity to change the sequencing and reorganization of your dna/rna strands as we have an opportunity to move out of the astral veil and into the Clear Light of cosmic mind.

Planetary Light Meditation 13

Let us come together in the oneness of thought and being and bring forth, not only your personal healing and transformation, but also the enlightenment for this planetary system and all life upon it. We can choose another outcome than what we see on the news and videos. We have the power to alter this timeline and the destiny of earth. The power to hold the State of Becoming is our’s to have and to blecome. We invite all to join us, including your ancestors, family members and pets, and your guardian angels and higher selves. We will use the magical power of 13 in this spontaneous transmission from the Quantum.

Planetary Light Meditation 14

In this continuing series, we go deeper into personal and planetary healing and the ascension process. As we head into the November elections, the breakdown of the old matrix is becoming very evident and you will witness extreme situations of distress, disorder and chaos. As the lockdown continues, you will witness the expression of emotional chaos, anger and conflict as the resistance to the Light increases in intensity.

Planetary Light Meditation 15

Join us for another powerful personal and planetary cleansing and the reset for our biology and spiritual anatomy. This is the time to establish our new earth reality and vision of what is to come. Your ancestors and pets are welcome to attend.

Planetary Light Meditation 16

Join us for another powerful experience as we reclaim our christhood and our right to be here on the planet to help usher in the Aquarian Age of peace and harmony. As always, we will do a cleaning activation for the planet and all those in distress and confusion, working with the angelics and earth alliance as we bring forth the Power of 8, the infinity power from Alpha and Omega.

Planetary Light Meditation 17

As we collectively move towards the Great Awakening that will be triggered by this year’s winter’s solstice and cosmic earth initiation, today we will gather as One to bring forth individual and collective healing and cleansing for our 4 lower bodies and the atmosphere of GAIA, thereby allowing greater Light and Blessings to be bestowed upon the Earth and humanity.

Planetary Light Meditation 18

Our focus for this powerful event will be the gathering up of the remnants and fragments from our past and from this current year so that we can become more whole and complete within ourselves and with your physical vehicle of expression. We will be a clear and perfect channel for further earth cleansing and renewal and the Blessing of the elemental kingdom. Angels of completion will assist us as we journey deep into the Quantum to activate the power of Miracles and Blessings.

Planetary Light Meditation 19

We will coordinate and orchestrate the unifying of your chakra system, nadis, meridians, endocrine glands, merkada, magnetic field, vertical core, male-female, kundalini channels, light bodies, 4 lower bodies, original 8 cells, and auric field in order for you to be prepared for 2021 and New Earth manifestations. Alignment with your personal akashic records is in order as well.



Praise For this Series:

“I truly believe our collective journey has brought us to this moment in time..this moment of experiencing our own light ….collectively…all your Activations since 2012 have prepared our bodies, mind and soul for the next evolutionary evolving……I want to express my deep gratitude to you for guiding me through the darkest times of my journey…into the light….I know for certain..I never would have made it this far without you…you work or your words….and I probably speak for many… Bless you Kenji…” – Rose B.

“I cried at the end of this, not from any sadness but because the energies were so beautiful, subtle and powerful. I love the planetary healing stuff… still resonating very strongly with me as I type this. This is the most connected I’ve felt with the earth mother and the most confident I’ve felt in walking the New Earth energies into being. Divine Blessings <3” – Donna H.

“Fantastic meditation and so needed, Thank You” ~ Maria L.

“These calls are so powerful for me…thank you Kenji.” – Kris O.

“This was so pure and potent. I listened to it again and I was seduced in pure love and trances out. The healing is such a good feeling, it was my first time, so I felt it immensely. Kenji god bless and thank you.” – Carol C.

“Wow! Just Wow! Thank you Kenji Kumara. So Grateful for Everything you do! Thank you for all of these beautiful downloads. I love every single one of them.” – Tish J.

“Kenji, thank you for the activation….very powerful !! It’s my perception that you are one of the most authentic, heart-centered light workers / shamans / healers among us. Thank you for doing all that you are doing.” – Aisha S.
“Waited all my life for this!” — Sandy
“So grateful for this guidance and assistance that was so needed. Sending love.” — Agnes

“Thank You Kenji! I just finished the call and wanted to express how powerful the Activation was! Your words are always very synchronistic with where I am in consciousness! You cover so much ground and leave no stone unturned as to the need of the hour! You are a Blessing to our planet and all life evolving here!” ~ O.K. Asheville, NC