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Much has transpired upon the Earth this month, and this Integration Event is to help you integrate the deep changes that this month has offered you and your loved ones.

We will use the energy of the July Full Moon to support your body to integration the Photon Energy (Pure Source Energy) that is being offered you and the Earth. Full Moons act as “doorway”, “portals” and “stargates” that help you into parallel realities not generally offered to humanity in the every day sense.

The pendulum of polarity will be very intense these summer months as humanity is being challenged to find it’s truth and balance within the collective chaos of doubt and fear. The integration you can receive in this event can assist you in keeping your emotional body in balance, your mental body in clarity (very important), your physical body in harmony and flow and your Light Bodies strong, stable and aligned with Source Energy. The integration can be profound, subtle and everything in between and can last for many months, as allowed by your trust and belief.

Your peeps are most welcome to check out this event. Pets and ancestors may attend on the inner planes at no charge but must reserve their seat in advance (Comedy Team).

Buck Full Moon
Commune with Nature and the Air Elemental
Be open to new relationships
New doorways open for connections
Letting go of the past for new growth
Deepen Higher Self connection
Building inner strength and courage
We will focus on this theme for our Full Moon meditation and activation
Originally recorded Mon, July 26th, 2021