Power of Forgiveness New Moon Online Activation


A New Moon Event
Originally Broadcast Thursday, May 25
5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET


The journey begins with each step we take to fulfill our destiny of purpose. In this New Moon activation, let us use the lunar power to begin the process of Forgiveness so that we can heal those memories and events in our life that are holding us back from fulfilling our desired destiny of awakening – awakening to the truth of what we are; to the truth of who we are; to the truth of our beingness and spirit.

In today’s lunar event, we will go further into the nature of Forgiveness and what that means in our daily life, and how we can apply the principles of gratitude and appreciation to those memories of our past and future. In the esoteric tradition, Forgiveness plays an important role in the healing and ascension process. It can be a catalyst for change, for transformation, for transmuting the shadow aspects within our incarnational pattern, so we can release ourselves from the karmic pattern of birth and rebirth.

If you are open and ready, we will assist you in:

  • ​Releasing guilt and shame and the heavy emotions of burden
  • Healing the bindings that hold you back from full self expression
  • Transformation sadness, depression and anger you hold towards others
  • ​Clearing mental clutter, confusion, doubt and anxiety over things you cannot control
  • Receiving the blessings that lead to miracles and the unexpected

Journey with me in this timeless activation into the known unknown where the unknowable can be known. Let’s travel together into the teachings of the brotherhood and sisterhood of Light, where all things can be known.

Peace and Blessings,

– Kenji and the Bliss Team