Pre 11:11 Stargate – Rainbow Light Body


Meditation Activation
Recorded Live Nov 10, 2022
Length 63 Minutes
*Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript
Early Bird till November 7th



We come to another auspicious planetary event for 2022. The 11:11 Stargate, or Portal is another grand opening to the celestial realms beyond space, time and distance. The 11:11 is literally a “quantum doorway or passage” that allows easy access and alignment to the Unknown beyond the veil; to the core of Stillness, to the center of Creation, to the Stillpoint of our Beingness. Think of 11:11 as a free pass into the Oneness of your Being, to the heart of Creation, to the depths of the Divine and the Infinite.

Your body’s Light CoEfficient will be raised and enhanced through the activation and your journey through the Stargate. The more divine light your body can carry, the more conscious you become, the more efficient you become, the more grace will come through you and the more blessings will channel through you to the world. The Light heals the body and the emotions. The Light heals the mind and reconnects your mind-body matrix. The Light will harmonize your life in ways unimaginable. The power of your Rainbow Body is infinite in its nature. It has the power to “move mountains” and “walk on water”. Your Rainbow Body orchestrates all your other light bodies, chakra system, meridians, glands and auric field.

Join us for a spiritual journey on the Wings of Timelessness as we collectively let go of our past, of density, of duality, of polarity, of the old matrix of suffering. It is time to consciously re-connect to our 12-D Body of Light, our Rainbow Light Body. We will call forth the Angels of Timelessness, the Unicorns of christ consciousness, the dragons from Venus, the Solar Logos, Alpha and Omega and the power of the Holy Spirit of our Prime Creator. Be prepared for miracles, blessings and wonder beyond your wildest anticipations.

Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend.

*This evergreen activation is ongoing until complete. Allow time for full integration. Drink water.
For maximum brain effect, listen with headphones or earbuds and listen often as needed.

In physical form, the shape of 11 literally forms a doorway, a passage through, a gateway to something different – to something more. A new era of creation is on the other side inviting us to walk through. This is what we call, The Portal of Transformation. Symbolically, the number 1 represents new beginnings – a time when we start over and pave a new path, empowered with choice and intention. Place the number 1 next to itself and you get 11. Eleven is known as a “master number”, a symbol of blessings, faith, and enlightenment. It is the alignment of the double 1’s that brings power to our senses, activating our innate ability to see, sense, and know what is best for ourselves. – Plenty