Pre Mother Mary Day


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live May 11th, 2023
Length 51 Minutes
Early Bird Till May 8th
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Join Kenji in this sacred and gentle activation honoring the Ascended Master Mother Mary. A blessed experience of receiving her Blessings, Grace, Healing and Compassion leaves you feeling surrounded by her Love. The sacred womb space of all, men and women alike, is cleared out and cleansed of all cultural and ancestral misconceptions. The Council of 11, along with Mary, the feminine archetypal Mother Being, bring a healing to our sacred heart center and the 3rd eye. Receive her Divine Love, which is offered to everyone at any time that we need to call on her as has been true for eons of time and which is felt so strongly in this activation. You can actually feel her etheric hands touching your body as her healing force enters you through your chakras. The Angelic Council of 11 blesses you and leaves you with a personal message. Blessed Mother Mary will engage deeply with each one of us. The connection that you feel with the New Earth Matrix in this activation is so powerful and so necessary in the changing times that we are all living through. 

All activations are live, evergreen and organic which means they continue to run in the background of your life until complete per your free will and continuing levels of understanding. As always, your pets, inner child and ancestors are welcome to attend in the 5th dimension, it is best to use earbuds or headphones to listen and be sure to drink plenty of blessed water. To best assimilate this experience take a bath with epsom salts, borax and himalayan salt afterwards. You can add ginger to your bath if you like.