Masterclass: Freedom and Prosperity- Pre St Germain Day/Pre 7:7:7 Stargate/Pre New Moon


Recorded Live July 3, 2024
37 Minutes
Replay/Download includes: Video, Edited mp3 audio



Join us for a special Masterclass presentation on Freedom & Prosperity on this pre 7:7:7 Stargate/St Germain Day/New Moon. We will be aligning with the power of the triple 7 Stargate, the presence of St Germain/Violet Light ascension energy and the New Moon energy of new beginnings.
This is an opportunity to release and free yourself from the false matrix of the economic recession/depression that is populating the earth at this time. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses are suffering from this economic downturn, but we have the power and ability to rise above this density of lack, doubt and fear and move into our natural state of spiritual and physical abundance, prosperity, joy and harmony.
By the truth, you shall be free; by your light, you shall be known; by your love, you shall be liberated from the false matrix of pain and suffering. It is time to re-claim your integrity and healing and your power as a divine creator manifesting in form. For the love of God enfolds you and the light of God surrounds you.
This guided activation is evergreen and repeated listening will bring you many benefits and miracles over time, as you allow and receive, according to your trust and belief in Self. Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend in your presence. Pass this on to those who are experiencing difficulty and challenges in these times of great change. Drink water and anticipate miracles beyond your wildest perceptions.
* Celebrate live our July 4 Freedom Day a day early!

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