Quantum Immersion Full Moon Online Activation


Broadcast Thursday, July 13, 2017


We will journey beyond the density of the illusion of suffering into the core of your Being. We will un-layer the conditioning and imprinting from our ancestors and the civilizations that came before us. As we peel away the heaviness, we begin to connect with and align with our true nature, that is formless, limitless and infinity.

We will provide the meditation and relaxation protocol necessary to go beyond the Veil of Illusion as we invoke a circle of protection and safety for the journey Home. We will continue to move deep within as we release our consciousness from the first, second, third and fourth layers of density into the fifth, sixth, seventh and so on layers and will ascend, so to speak, to the deepest levels that our minds can allow.

Please join me in this experimental inner journey back to the light of creation. You will have an opportunity to access your I AM and begin to embody that “state of being-ness” in your body, as your body can allow. Drink water, stay anchored with the inner light of the Earth Mother, relax and be present.

Blessings from the red rocks, Kenji