Rebirth & Renewal Workshop Series (w/ our friends from the other side)


Recorded Activation –  3 Part Series
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Total Runtime: 2.3 Hours



The Rebirth & Renewal Workshop Series
Part 1, 2, 3

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In this much requested workshop series, we will journey deep into the Quantum and tap into the power of Rebirth and Renewal. It is now time to be free of the ancient collective density that has been created upon the planet and humanity since the beginning of time. After 2 years of deep Earth Changes that are changing the course of history and the Earth, it is now time to receive your Rebirth and Renewal. The great purging of Humanity has begun and it is now time for a respite and R & R from the disruption and breaking down of the old systems of thought and structure. Rest is important during this time of transition and it is beneficial for us to recollect, reset, realign and recalibrate our energy field, our mental and emotional boies and to give our physical bodies time to recharge and reboot our brain, pineal gland, Crystal Palace, nervous and immune systems and our sacred heart center.

In each workshop class, we will be assisted by beautiful beings of Light, your brothers and sisters and elders, as we journey together back to the promised land and our natural state of beingness. The spontaneous live and evergreen activations-attunements-meditations-initiations will depend upon the focus of each group and the group’s ability to trust, receive and believe. Source Energy will guide you to the most beneficial outcome and experience that you allow, for It is Given according to your Belief and Trust in Self.

Come prepared for miracles and breakthroughs, obvious and subtle, over time, as needed. Your pets are most welcome to attend.

– I Rest in God –

Testimonial for Part 1:

“Thank you Kenji! This call was AWESOME!! There was so much in here and I really got a lot out of it tonight. And that was a great ‘after call’ discussion with how you described things to the other callers, with the unicorns and also the zoning out, and what we’re trying to accomplish in terms of ascension to other dimensional states, and not just staying in 3D.” — Dr K

Content and Themes

Part 1 (View part 1 solo)

  • Rebirth with the Archangels Michael and Zadkiel
  • Clearing and cleansing of your 4 Lower Bodies
  • strength for your solar plexus center
  • courage for your mental body
  • engagement with the world
  • vitality for your spleen and immune system
  • protection for your auric field
  • Invoking the Violet Flame angels

Part 2 (View Part 2 Solo)

  • Rebirth and Renewal with the Spirit Of The Rose and the White Light
  • Raising vibrations above the chaos
  • Peace for your heart center
  • Infinite blessings for your soul
  • New love in your relationships
  • Beauty and appreciation for all things
  • Auric clearing with the White Light
  • Cords, bindings and attachments transmutation
  • High vibrations connections with your Guides and G.A.
  • Protection for your healing practice

Part 3 (View Part 3 Solo)

  • Renewal with the Archangels Jophiel and Chamuel
  • Beauty and grace for all experiences
  • Quantum solutions for your next step
  • Optimism for your ego
  • Joy and hopefulness in all that you do
  • Peace that passeth all understanding
  • Emotional body clearing and balancing
  • Foresight and intuition activation
  • Perspectives of soul purpose and earth agreements* Note: The Comedy Teams will be present to ignite the power of laughter, smiles and humor!

Recorded live:
Part 1: March 8, 2022 
Part 2: March 15, 2022
Part 3: March 22, 2022