Rising Up from the Dead Activation


Super Full Moon Live Activation Event
Originally Broadcasted on March 5, 2015
6-7 pm PT / 9-10 pm ET


Rising Up From the Dead! – Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma – 

One of the deepest wounds of humanity is the psychological scarring that comes from unresolved abuse and wounding from the womb/birthing experience and early childhood. Much of the world’s population is still trying to recover from this trauma due to many factors, namely, unconscious parenting and discipline, church abuse through false doctrines, society’s limited perception about child education and the cultural mores and taboos against Knowing Thyself.
In this super full moon live activation event, we will journey into the reflective areas of the unconscious, to bring forward the hidden memories and attachments for healing, and to align to our true healing center that is beyond the physical.
We will use the power of the rising phoenix to uplift our wounded aspects into the knowing of wholeness and health through the power of Grace, that unseen and unlimited spirit from Prime Source.
What you will receive, on-going, depends upon your ability to trust and receive. Your benefits can be enormous in scope, breath and depth. Be prepared for silent miracles and revelations.
NOW is the time to learn relaxation and calm, so the mind and body can be restored back to it’s original blueprint and design of true love and compassion.
So, if you are ready to embrace and become eternal peace in every fiber of your being, then this event is for you and all those that you invite to this call, for the word has gone out. Are you ready to listen, to receive, to become and to be free?
We invite you to share this calling with your peers, friends, family and loved ones. And, of course, your pets are always welcome to tune in.
This is a cross-cultural event for the young and old alike. It is time to come to that place beyond pain, suffering, stress, worry and dis-easement in the spirit of L.O.V.E. (Living One Vibrational Energy).
Be prepared for quantum leaps and bounds beyond your wildest anticipations.

  • This event does not replace nor is a substitute for modern medical treatments. The activation can be an adjunct to complimentary alternative medical care.
  • Recipients take fully responsibility for their experience.