Sacred Healing – Christ Meditation 12


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This is a very special Christ Meditation on Sacred Healing. When Yeshua ben Joseph, aka, Jesus and Sanada walked amongst us 2,000 + years ago, he taught us, he showed us, he demonstrated to us the power of Sacred Healing, the power of Holy Spirit, the power of Blessings, the power of Grace. Some got it, many did not but now is the time to really “get it”!

What is this power that Yeshua demonstrated to us, ie, the symbolic rising of the dead, multiplying the loaves and fishes, alchemizing wine into water, etc. He did say “These things that you see I do, you can do and much more ……. if you believe fully in the Christ Presence, your Eternal Being, your Eternal Flame, your Eternal Magnificence.

When he said, “You come to the Father through me”, he meant you access the presence of God through the Christ within, through the Christ Doorway that leads you to the presence of God/Holy Spirit. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall be given unto thee” means go within your sacred heart and bring your treasures out to the world (for it’s healing and transformation)

Join Yeshua and his healing entourage as we journey deep within to our Sacred Heart to tap into, access and express the divinity of who and what we innately are. We indeed are the expression of God’s sacred heart and healing. Sanat Kumara, Yeshua/Sananda and Kuthumi will assist in the activation. Your pets are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Thurs, Nov 4, 2021