Setting Protocols


Recorded Activation
Audio + Video
50 Mins Runtime

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Join us for this unique Setting Protocols attunement event. Protocols are necessary to set your state of Being for all that you do, ie, your morning meditation/prayer time, yoga and exercise regime, time in Nature, evening meals, get together with family and friends, spiritual work, healing sessions and dream time (sleep time is just as important as conscious awake time).

By setting your Protocols, you fill your space with the energy of unity, sacredness, nurturance (very important these days), loving support, healing power, meditation-like harmony and peace, vitality, focused intention, balance, peacefulness, tranquility, calm and openness.

In this spontaneous video event, together we will create a unique Protocol sequence you can use anytime to set “your State of mind, your State of Being, the State for your beautiful body”. We will use the power of conscious 5D intention and the power of WORD & WONDER (an introduction to the themes we will be working with in our new mentorship acceleration intensives coming in February).

Your pets are most welcome to attend LIVE as well as the New Millennial generation. All attunements are live, organic and evergreen.

Recorded live Jan 27th, 2022