Sheila Gale Tribute & Memorial Celebration


Recorded Live Jan 31,2024
80 Minutes



Click here to listen to Kenji and Sheila’s first interview together

Flying crow over Sheila’s backyard labyrinth

In trusting my strong inner guidance, we are doing a special Zoom event entitled: Sheila Gale Tribute & Memorial Celebration. For all of you who have been touched by Sheila’s graces and warmest of heart, we encourage you to attend LIVE this gathering of starseeds to pay tribute to and celebrate the life and teachings of SK, as I used to call her.

The Idea here is to give spirit Sheila some really good “ju-ju” for her journey in the Light. A spectacular “send off!” for her.

It feels like spirit Sheila is guiding me to do this, for she wants us all to come together to celebrate the Joy of earth life and to reconnect to build the bond of spiritual Light for humanity and GAIA. We will invite spirit Sheila and all her family members, Mike and the kids to join us in celebrating her incarnation and the sharing of many gifts to all of us.

Like you, I was shocked and in the WOW! zone when Maureen Moss called me and gave me the news. I feel her sudden and unannounced departure is a very positive thing. Spirit Sheila in her last days in Sedona was very much into the Joy energy and what an opportunity to share our Joy with her.

At The Ruins before seeing a baby rattlesnake in the crevasse

I am certain spirit Sheila will be channeling to us, so be prepared for some unexpected miracles and happenings. I would love us all to share a bit to the group of how Sheila touched your lives and made a difference. This will be an opportunity for spirit Sheila to come to closure on her earth life and will greatly assist Mike and the kids in knowing what a beautiful soul spirit Sheila is and in their own grieving process. For spirit Sheila, this will be part of her life review and her ascension process.

Please share this with those you know who knew spirit Sheila in one way or another. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Here is one of spirit Sheila fav photos with the horsie:

Sundancer and Sheila in the horse stalls

Here is what Michael Armstrong (my former awesome webmaster), now on Maui, wrote to me today:

Wow, what a shock. Absolutely beautiful being. She introduced me to you which changed my life! So grateful for her. What a light for this planet! Thank you for letting me know. I hope you are doing well. I will be sending her blessings on her new, magnificent journey. Now she gets to come back and be a rainbow child to help make the new earth if she wants. Thanks for sending her last 2 newsletters and photos. Great to reflect on them. I wouldn’t be surprised if she started communicating with us through our medium friends!

If you would like to make a donation to Mike Mendoza to help him cover his expenses, and any counseling/healing he would need, he would be most appreciative. Feel free to offer your services to him. (his info was in our last email sendout) Sometimes it takes a year to recover, reset and get resettled.

(I asked Mike to set up a Go Find Me and/or Paypal account – KK)
Mike Mendoza
1535 Jacks Canyon Rd
Sedona, AZ 86351

Sheila & Mike

Thank you for your consideration and much peace and love to you.

Namaste and Aloha!
– Kenji and the bliss team 🪷

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