Spiritual Direction and Guidance New Moon Online Activation


Empowered Illumination through Trust and Liberation Igniting Joyful Connection
Pre-New Moon Event
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET
Includes Edited Replay and MP3 Download


Many seekers worldwide are looking for spiritual guidance from gurus, psychics, channelers, spiritual healers, energy workers, seminar leaders, body workers, therapists, holistic doctors and counselors, thought leaders, change agents, spiritual teachers, and the list goes on and on. These are all good up to a certain point. At the turning point in one’s evolutionary path, one has to give these all up and seek the God Within.

In this unique activation event, we will journey within to tap into and merge with that part of us that is unlimited and unbounded by space, time and distance. There is a well spring of knowledge and wisdom that lies within us all, somewhere deep in the subconscious, or that which lies beneath normal waking consciousness. Deep within us lies the holy grail of beingness.

Your spiritual direction comes from your I AM and Oversoul – that part of You that remains connected to Source Energy and All That Is. We will move through the emotional blocks and psychological barriers so we can see the Clear Light, the Unbounded Light of Creation. Be prepared for an intense inward journey. The time has come to Know Thyself. We will anchor your four directions into your power center so that you can experience the divine balancing of the divine elements.

Are you ready to tap into and become your Holy Grail? Your Arc of the Covenant? Your Yoga of Bliss? And to be a clear and perfect channel for Grace and Blessings?

Join me on this fascinating journey within as we come together in the light of the christed frequencies.

Blessings, Kenji