Spring Equinox – Pre New Moon – Seeds Of Light


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live March 20th, 2023
Length 44 Minutes
Early Bird Till March 17th
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Spring is a time for planting Seed Thoughts that you will begin to harvest in the summertime. And the New Moon is an excellent time for new beginnings and initiating cycles of manifestation. When planting Seed Thoughts and Seeds Of Light from the Quantum, rest assured your Intentions, Declarations and Invocations will manifest in divine right timing and place.

In this unique activational event, we will have the opportunity to re-organize, re-structure, re-frame, re-imagine, re-design and re-calibrate our desired reality and matrix of manifestation. From an 8th-9th dimensional perspective, we can re-orchestrate our ability to activate and ignite our Light Seeds, our Light Codes, our light language to empower our life path, our spiritual destiny, our soul purpose to the maximum allowed under divine law

Now is the time to activate our heart center, sacred womb space, our power center, pineal-pituitary and life force energy in alignment with the ascension process of GAIA, the Nature Kingdom and the Celestial Realms. Your support team for this event will be the Seraphim and the Elohim and the Celestial Guardians Of Light. Come prepared for an amazing inner journey of healing and transformation.

We encourage you to attend this event with a friend or two, for “As 2 or more are gathered in my Name, there I AM”. Our activations are evergreen and organic and continue to run in the background of your life. Each listening will deepen your experience of Clarity and the benefits are cumulative over time. Earbuds are suggested for maximum audio magnetic integration.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend in the higher dimensions of consciousness. Drink water afterwards and a detox bath is suggested so the body can more easily integrate the frequency of Clarity.

The spring equinox marks a spiritual time of balance, the moment when the light and dark are equal. It is a time of renewal and rebirth, of planting seeds and setting intentions for the coming year. The spring equinox is a time to celebrate the beauty of nature and the abundance of life that lies ahead. – Inside My Dream