Strawberry Full Moon Activation – Healing Historical Stress


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live Monday Jun 13, 2022
Audio + Video Instant Download
Length 43 minutes
Early Bird till June 11



Many lightweavers have carried within their Field and bodies the historical and ancestral patterns of dysfunction and limitations in an attempt to heal family karmic patterns but to no avail. We are presenting a way to clear your entanglements and enmeshments from these very dense energetic patterns in your 4 lower bodies (etheric, emotional, mental and astral) so that you can begin to be free of these unconscious patterns, memories and past life experiences. There is no need now to carry the burdens of your ancestors, humanity, the church and dogmatic belief systems. If you cannot heal something in your mind or body, it is not yours. Inherited miasms (diseases and mental illnesses) are difficult to heal, unless you know that these patterns are not yours to heal. You took on these patterns in an attempt to heal loved ones, family members, peers and former students and clients. You basically took on the karma of the planet in an attempt to bring light and love to a world that was closed off to such openings and blessings.

Today, with the power of the Full Moon, we, together, will journey into the depths of these historical and ancient patterns of thoughts, feelings and emotions to clear the remaining attachments to suffering and pain. To feel another’s pain, to take on another’s karma, to feel what others feel is the old shamanic way. It is now time to move out of that understanding into a new understanding of healing stress and ancestral burdens. Our burden can not become Light, which transforms stress into lightness of being, pain into joy, suffering into love and sympathy into compassion.

Join us for a day of celebration as we move out of density into Light and the 5th Dimension with St Germain, Archangel Zadkiel and Mother Mary. Your pets are most welcome to attend.