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Shifting the Veil

In this powerful activation event, together we will shift and uplift the Veil of Forgetfulness out of the Earth Realm and back into the Oneness. The old matrix of pain and suffering, the old Karmic Wheel of Birth And Death And Rebirth, the old illusionary world of darkness can be no more with a strong collective effect to dispel the unreal, the hologram of birth, death, old age, sickness, suffering, pain and loneliness.

We have the power to shift this illusion out of the earth realm and to align with the Real, the Permanent, the Eternal. Together in a collaborative and creative way, we can move Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom out of the darkness and into the Eternal Light of Grace.

The many Blessings await us in this special solstice opening to the Eternal. Our faith and trust in the God Within can be re-established at this time.
Your pets, ancestors and family members are most welcome to attend.

Evergreen activation, recorded live Monday, Jun 21, 2021