Summer Solstice – Freedom Meditation


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live June 21st, 2023
Length 49 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Join us for a lovely summer solstice Freedom meditation and activation on personal and interpersonal peace and love. There is much Change in the wind and now is the perfect time to learn how to channel the power of Grace and Blessings to yourself, the world, your ancestors and family members.

It is time to reclaim and re-know our innate Sovereignty. We truly are god, sovereign and free in the Upper Room. As divine manifestos in form, we have the gifts of the Kingdom and our 3-fold flame in our sacred heart burns bright. We are the power of the Word. Our throat chakra and thyroid gland will have the opportunity to finally heal from the wounds and self imposed limitations of the past. Time to be a clear and perfect channel for oneness.

This evergreen and live activational event will last through the rest of the year and will build in its cumulative effect, month after month. The energy will serve as a “foundation” for your spiritual work, your personal life and in your business and career.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend. Always drink water after activation, allow for some “downtime” and treat yourself to a detox bath and wet steam sauna.