The Awakening – Christ Meditation 7


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In this continuing series on Christ Consciousness, we will journey together into the deeper realms of the Oneness to bring forward the next aspect of our soul agreement and divine destiny.

Within the Christ Field, are many undiscovered aspects of Self that are waiting to be revealed and expressed upon the physical plane. The Gifts of Consciousness are beyond the realm of Mind and Thought and this event will assist in revealing the hidden realms of Miracle Mindedness and Miracle Readiness. Be prepared for another amazing journey into the realms of Timelessness and Eternity.

As Yeshua (Jesus, Sanada) has said, “There is always another step to take, another realm to discover, another world that awaits you that we call Miracles and Blessings.

This activation is evergreen. It was recorded live Jun 15, 2021