Frontiers of Awareness


Recording Time: 28:20


This Activation took place live with Kenji in front of an intimate group in a beloved home in Calgary Alberta, Canada in the summer of 2014 and was recorded for the enjoyment and benefit of all who listen.  Kenji’s activations are quantum and evergreen, meaning that they are always offered in divine right timing and they don’t get stale or become dated. They will offer value and benefits to the highest good of the ones listening no matter when that time may be. It is recommended to listen to this activation in a quiet space without interruptions to receive the blessed profits in which it is intended.

By simply tuning into this meditation; you contribute to helping family lineages heal in the community in which you live.

Power centers will be activated and using the breath to focus into this powerful Activation.

Adventure into the unknown and explore…..


this activation allows you to gracefully and easily let go and release all things consciously and unconsciously that holds you back and allow support and assistance

  • Expressing in the world
  • Facilitate your own healing; health in your body
  • Embodying balance, light, clarity and wisdom
  • Inviting in your power animal
  • Moving stress into joy, laughter, inspiration and the will to live
  • Being surrounded by a force field of love and empowerment
  • Being a state of wholeness

Complete this Activation and allow it to “percolate” for the next 28 days; remain completely present and in the now. Drink plenty of water and be gentle on yourself.

Namaste Kenji and the Bliss Team