The Happiness Event


2 MP3 Activations
45 Minutes of Audio
Instant Access


What is the happiness event?

Your Soul is invited to come forth and join in the Oneness celebration of Life!

This event is taking place inward. Can you feel the bubbles of excitement and curiosity from within your being? You are about to shift your vibrational state and your body can feel it!

This is the HAPPINESS EVENT. This activation package is a catalyst for your change out of ordinary and into the extra-ordinary! From a neutral mindset to one of joy.  A quick and easy frequency upgrade! Your natural birthright of a self-empowered vehicle for Light and Love and Compassion will emerge. This Happiness Event Contains 2 Joy-Filled Activations to bring you into a new state of being.  You will connect with your guides and angels in these activations and heal your subconscious.

With these activations you can:

  • Clear out issues and blockages
  • Release feelings of “needing to know”
  • Connect closer with your Guardian Angel and Soul Family
  • Receive the guidance you have been looking for
  • Overcome your Core Issues
  • Accept Divine Protection for your Life
  • Greater Awareness of Self

Activation 1 – Communication with your Angels

In this clearing activation, Kenji guides you to breathe into your heart center and find your own space and energies. Grounding yourself in alignment with the heavens and clearing your cords to others. Letting go of others feelings and emotions that are in your space, bringing you to neutrality. Peace and Love and Divine Guidance.

Activation 2 – Guided Journey Within

Start this activation with your energies vibrant and ready to go. Taking in all light and purity into our sub-selves, deep into the realms of your subconscious. Connect deeper into your soul group, calling forth this collective body of energy and vibration while receiving divine protection through the cocoon of light. Disengaging from your pain body and all drama as you refocus and realign with your core center. This journey will help you find as well as feel your true bliss.

This evergreen package contains 2 activations recorded live Feb 2016 at the Center for Divine Awakening.


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