The Journey Beyond: A Quantum Recalbration – Asheville Retreat + Intro Activations


20 Activation + Bonus
8.8 Hours of MP3 Audio
Recorded in Om Sanctuary & Around Asheville
Recorded in Asheville, NC – Sep 23-28, 2019



20 Activation At-Home Retreat Package
Dive into the Quantum with Kenji’s Guidance

This package contains Kenji’s Asheville Quantum Recalibration Retreat, The Journey Beyond & the Asheville Intro Activations (Asheville New Earth Spirit-Walk Collection). This six-day immersion experience was recorded live in Asheville.

This retreat is truly a magical, miraculous, powerful and unforgettable experience. The initiations and attunements contained within are designed to EXPAND, EMPOWER AND ENLIGHTEN YOUR BODY & SOUL, as well as to assist Mother Earth in her ascension process. As you immerse yourself in these activations, you are guided on how to let the work do the work and to support our beloved Mother Earth through the local vortex and celestial alignments. Your willingness to open and receive all that is given and flowing in each moment of the retreat determines the depth of your experience.

Get this package and let Kenji hold the sacred space for your personal transcendence, transformation and awakening into what more is possible for you supported by the Realms of Light and Love. Your participation includes an invitation to your ancestors, family members and your team of guides and angels to participate and receive the very same gifts of Spirit; your healing also heals your lineage ~ past, present and future. Powerful Stuff!


15 Retreat Activations Included:


This all-important opening ceremony activation prepares participants energetically and physically to open, align, and receive the many transformative experiences about to unfold in the week ahead. Participants experience:

  • Breathwork releasing technique, conscious relaxation of mind-body
  • Breathing alignment of your spine and bones, skeletal system
  • Divine balancing of all “clair”-senses (e.g., clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc.)
  • Opening to accept Divine support and communication with angelic realms, guides
  • Creating a Divinely supported and protective environment in which to do this work
  • Allowing Source to repel all forms of interference and distraction
  • Remembering – journey to remember previous lives, connections that tie into what you are here to do now in this life at this time
  • Hand chakra activation
  • Deep awakening of throat chakra and associated abilities
  • Throat-Heart alignment
  • Throat-Solar Plexus connection and release work; reclaiming your power
  • Souls of feet/feet chakra clearing; anchoring Galactic Light with your every step
  • Invocation of your personal Healing Team
  • Journey through the Light into the still point of the Void, the Unknown, and return with it embodied for use whenever you need
  • Anchoring the vibration of Source at a subatomic level in your body

Time: 37:25

Activation #2 deepens your releasing of the old traumas and thought patterns that no longer serve the higher vibrational you.  You are guided to reconnect and remember multi-level beings and processes, as well as deepen your journeys with continued application.  You experience these things and more:

  • Suggestion to the self to expand and deepen your desired awareness each time you do the techniques
  • Call in your Guardian Angel and Spiritual Guides, 5th Dimension and above
  • Call in and acknowledge helpful entities, ask for assistance, collaboration:
    • Power animals, elemental kingdoms
    • Earth spirit, Overseer of the area’s power gateways, Earth’s grid system
    • Central Sun and home world energies
  • Remembering of the Fire Dance and Drumming Circle, the power of ceremony
  • Work with Fire element to ignite, purify, bring light, activate, consume
  • Third Eye and Crown activation to release suffering you have seen or taken on
  • Work to open your physical ears and beyond-physical listening abilities
  • Giving the body permission to:
    • Receive Divine natural healing and balance
    • Be a part of your ascension process
    • Experience harmony, bliss, and peace
  • Reposition and activate pineal gland to its original purpose
  • Body awakening to return to its natural state of health and wellbeing
  • Removing the Veil of Forgetfulness placed at birth, as you are ready
  • Releasing imprinted false teachings and/or mis-teachings through all lifetimes
  • Remembering the truth of who and what you are
  • Staying in the Christ Field as Earth goes through her transition into New Earth


This is the first of three activations that teach and use the Cocoon Of Light healing technique. Participants are in groups of three, with a Receiver lying down on the mat, and two Givers, one at the head and one at the feet, of the Receiver. This technique:

  • Merges the magnetic and electromagnetic poles into a unified whole
  • Givers:
    • Allow self to become clear and open channels of Angelic Light Beings
    • Use their heart and hands as a conduit of their energies
  • Receivers:
    • Relax and allow the energy into their body/etheric bodies
    • Receive non-touch spinal adjustment, if needed


Note that all participants can receive all activation benefits regardless of the role they assume in a given activation process. Remember, this is the Quantum, not linear thinking.



This Cocoon Of Light activation brings the technique to a different level. It includes:


  • Angels of Earth rejoice that you have come to receive at this level, connecting with your Mother Earth in a way you have not yet done in this lifetime
  • Merging of the Lemurian and Atlantean energies, which are also associated with Sedona and Asheville, respectively
  • Upgrade of the chakra system, 144-count
  • Deepening of consciousness and acceleration of spiritual development
  • Givers:
    • Open their heart space and feel deeper the presence of the Angelic Light Beings working through them
    • Hold sacred space in a pyramid of Light and
    • Allow the energies to continue to flow through them beyond this activation
  • Receivers:
    • Fall into a profound default state of Allowing
    • Experience healing mini-waves of Light adjusting the spinal column
    • Journey and merge deep within Mother Earth’s womb to release birth trauma, receive initiation into the heart of Earth, and experience a rebirth in consciousness
    • Call on, communicate with nature and animals to give feedback on what happened/is happening during the activation, and over time


The third session of the Cocoon Of Light includes these experiences:


  • Calling in Babaji to receive teachings of his rightful understanding of the body in its original Divine matrix, which is meant to last indefinitely
  • Allow the reunification of divine masculine and feminine, left/right hemispheres of the brain, left/right sides of the body, heart and mind, hands and feet, atlas and sacral vertebrae
  • Travel out of body to Source where the Solar Plexus is gently worked on to restore your Solar matrix
  • Recalibrate along with New Earth into the timeless zone of no thought, the Void, and experience the Essence
  • Allow gentle and natural integration of the three levels of the Cocoon Of Light healings


This is an incredibly powerful activation that wraps up the second day of retreat. You are guided for adjustment and gentle integration of all that has happened so far, and awaken in the morning into a new life. Special helpers who come to assist include:


  • The Council of Fourteen, who brings in powerful “new” energies
  • Saint Germain and the Violet Ray assist transformational aspects
  • Angels who specialize in supporting, healing us during the earth plane existence
  • Your specific Guardian Angel, and others.


During the activation you:

  • Align with Quantum energies that have been passing through Earth’s orbit for 20+ years that immerse us, potentiate us, into the possibilities of New Earth dimension
  • Align with planetary and star system energies that relate to your life purpose
  • Heal blind spot(s) through all timelines – past, present, future, parallel, alternative
  • Very deep access/healing of your unconscious physical and spiritual blind spot(s)
  • Retrieve parts of you that shut down and left; soul fragment retrieval



  • From a very long unconscious dream, and realize – at a different level – that you truly are a divine being having an earth experience
  • Into clarity
  • Your heart center toward its full capacity, and
  • Reclaim your power to STAY AWAKE

Your inner knowingness that you are loved and supported 24/7 and there is nothing to fear as you AWAKEN INTO THE NOW


The main focus of Activation 7 is to heal your relationships with your Father and Mother in this and/or past lives, and in turn, heal your archetypal parent relationship. The importance of this healing cannot be understated since your parent relationships represent the lens through which all other relationships are developed. You are guided to allow the harmonizing energies you receive to continue to run in the background, beyond the activation itself, allowing them to fully download and come into your awareness in divine right timing. In this healing, Mary Magdalene comes forward as the Divine Feminine to assist, along with other helpers, as you:


  • At the Soul level, complete any incomplete communication with each parent, regardless of their current plane of existence
  • Remember the Soul Agreement you made when you came in and chose them as your parent to fulfill the spiritual goals you set forth for yourself in this life
  • Are empowered to release blame, dysfunctional attachments, and energetic cords that hinder your well-being and full expression of self


Healing the Father relationship: 

  • Heals your relationship with the male principle
  • Frees up your energy for the right use of will, the power of will, your power of intention, and

Healing the Mother relationship:

  • Heals your relationship with the female principle
  • Dissolves stuck emotions from in utero, birth, and early childhood traumas, restoring harmony to your original 8 cells of creation


This powerful activation continues the physical and emotional healing, including:

  • (Re-)Activate the brain’s innate healing power, reset the nervous system, and activate the immune and lymphatic systems
  • Restore the spiral flow of energy along the spine, healing distortions and imbalances that block the flow of kundalini
  • Allow the base chakra to heal survival fears and release fears of the unknown
  • Release long-standing stagnant energy that built up in the Solar Plexus
  • Healing of the psoas muscle, a very deep core muscle that is intimately tied to our structural, movement, and emotional responses to and in life


Activation 8 is a recalibration and healing of the brain and mind. Kenji guides you into a state of deep relaxation and calm to open and receive the blessings. You then move into a state of exponentially enhanced awareness, heightening your ability to encompass all possibilities, and new levels of knowledge and wisdom. You experience:


  • Sacred geometry weaving new circuitry across the hemispheric divide
  • Integration of left and right hemispheres into One Brain
  • Integration of the split mind into One Mind
  • Brain processes understood through analogy of defragmenting your computer, deleting corrupt or unnecessary files, etc., for the optimization of capacities


Then, specific Archangels are brought in for the next healing technique to be learned. After invoking their presence, there is a six-minute period of silence as the Archangels prepare your body and subtle energies to receive the full benefits. In this process, you will:


  • Invite all of your Selves to come and be present to receive in the healing
  • Release any unconscious attachment to your blind spot (of being unconscious)
  • Move into awareness where you can fully see what remains of your blind spot
  • At the base of the occiput, in your subtle body, extract your awareness from the space/time matrix, the matrix of suffering
  • Access a portal at the base of the skull for a grand reconnection to Source

ACTIVATION #9:  KINETICS #1Time: 23:27

This is the first of three sessions of the Kinetics healing technique. It is a scooping technique for deep emotional purging that primarily works on the magnetic body, where emotional stress and tension can be held. The recipient is informed prior to the session that the intent is not to relive, but to help release suppressed emotional energy. The recipient lies down on the mat and one or two facilitators sit adjacent to the recipient at the side(s) of their torso. In the process:


  • Facilitators:
    • Align with an Archangel who will move through their arms and hands
    • Learn to scan the body for completeness, detect and seal any energy leaks
    • Learn to read body signals, like breath, rapid eye movement, kriyas
    • Are guided how to not take on others’ energy and how to release if do
  • Recipients:
    • Are guided through resistance that may come up
    • May see flashbacks, experience temperature changes, dizziness, nausea, sweating, or feel an unexpected pain arise that dissipates as quickly
    • Are encouraged to stay present in the body, yet it is not uncommon for them to “check out,” or to travel to deep space or to inner earth

The Kinetics technique is very gentle healing method that works well:

  • For base, second, and third chakra healing; to release cords; heal trauma, etc.
  • With long-distance or over-the-phone healing
  • From the very young to those about to transition


Time: 16:37

Round 2 of the Kinetics technique includes additional teaching and reminders:

  • Kenji guides us to telepathically communicate with the recipient to give the body permission to release the energy
  • In this session, an Overseeing Archangel also enters and works from above the mat.
  • To ensure you don’t take on any recipient’s energies, go into meditation after completing the scooping, and run the Violet Light through your field.
  • If you need balance after a session, run Green Light down your spine.
  • Learn what it means and what to do when you perceive energy that is hard, dark, red, or hot, or that the energy is just not moving.


ACTIVATION #11:  KINETICS #3Time: 16:32


This is the third Kinetics session from which we learn and experience the following:


  • An ideal session length is 44 minutes; a mini-session can be 15-20 minutes.
  • You will know when a session is done because the energy will simply stop and the Archangel will back out of your body/field.
  • There is no need to ask a client about previous injuries; it will likely come up organically in the post-session consult.
  • Neither the facilitator nor client needs to know what is being released. Simply open and be in a state of allowing. Remember, the Archangel is doing the doing.
  • Remember that any touch during a session is Angel Touch, a physical blessing, and the power of Grace in your hands.
  • When there are two facilitators, only one scoops at a time while the other is in a meditative state, continuing to hold sacred space.
  • Rule of thumb – if you do not know what to do, go into pause mode, ask the Archangel for guidance, then wait until you get direction.
  • To close a session, go in a meditative state, give gratitude and thanks, and ask if they have any guidance for you to share with the client. Whisper to the client to take several deep breaths, and know that this initiates their integration of the work.
  • There is rapid embodiment of this healing, yet complete integration may continue for hours, days, and even years.




This uniquely transformational activation is extremely powerful! Plan your schedule accordingly for when you choose to do it. The Spirit of the Butterfly Kingdom joins as a catalyst for transformation, in the specific symbolic form of the Monarch Butterfly. Prior to journeying, participants were anointed with an elixir of Monarch Butterfly Essence, prepared by one of the retreatants*, as gifted to her by the Monarch Butterfly shortly before travelling to the retreat.

(*Essence prepared and provided by Dawn Butler:


Here are some of the special helpers present for this session:

  • Arcturian High Council to bring forth very precise healing frequencies
  • Pleiadean High Council for wisdom
  • Hathors from the DAL Universe, the Christ family, the Archangels, and the Angelics who specialize in transformational experience
  • Venusian energies of the Kumara lineage, and specifically Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, to support each individual’s transformation
  • Gaia, for her presence and loving support of your body, the Nature Kingdom, and your animal allies


Position your physical body in the fetal position, covered entirely by a blanket, and be guided to time travel out of body to a higher dimensional place that will initiate your highest experience. Your subtle bodies line up in the fetal position as well, so that all aspects of you can experience this transformation. Enter a dark cave and travel deeper and deeper into inner space. Now, feel into the cave to find your perfect birthing place. Use your heart and telepathy to sense and allow the Archetype Monarch Butterfly to assist you in finding the perfect spot in the complete darkness and total silence. Here, you cocoon in the womb of the Earth Mother who prepares to birth you into a new you and a new life.


You literally feel a reconstruction of your spiritual anatomy, as you drop deeper and deeper into the silence and all that is possible. At some point you are called to notice a very small flame in the center of your soul. This is the Flame of Resurrection and Rebirth. Little by little it expands and becomes more intense, continuing to do so according to your ability to receive. This Flame activates your remembrance of who you are going to be at the end of this activation, once the Flame moves through all 144,000 levels of your Beingness.


Your Butterfly shows you how to emerge from the cocoon into your new body of expression in the Cosmos. Your Higher Self instructs you on how to allow for gentle and gradual awakening. The effects of this very deep initiation last years into the future, including future lives. As with each major initiation, there also comes new Guides and Mentors and a new curriculum, all in divine right timing. More information will download over time. This is a new aspect of you has never been on this planet.


The focus of Activation 13 is integration. It is conducted after a full day of travel and walking in nature to many waterfalls and mountain vistas to facilitate thorough grounding and physical integration of all energetics and shifts gained (continuing to be gained) in the retreat to this point. Use your intuition when doing these activations after the fact as to whether a similar type of physical activity could enhance your integration process.


Integration themes include:

  • Creating a variable within your vertical energy field to naturally align to Earth’s new magnetic pole as it shifts
  • Creating a new channel of grounding through your spine and the original 8 cells, granting renewed harmony among those 8 cells and within the whole of you
  • Open to being a clear and perfect channel for self and others
  • Work with Archangel Zedkiel and the Violet Light to uplift and clear remaining hidden shadow aspects
  • Using your Soul Self to scan the body to detect and invoke deeper clearing of blocks in both the subtle and gross bodies
  • Continuing ongoing integration of the very significant Butterfly Activation


Also received in this activation:

  • Help for you to freely express what you see and how you feel, in balance
  • Breathing in the vibrations of Harmony and Joy and Courage
  • Money Angels work with you for emotional support and to manifest in divine balance all the prosperity you need in this lifetime (e.g., physical plane, emotional, psychological)
  • Kenji’s always relevant and helpful reminders:
    • Breathing is the easiest way to integrate!
    • That you always have Great Support!
    • Drink plenty of water after activations!


The group chants the OM 108 times, a sacred number in Hindu tradition. Set your intentions and open to the flow. While listening to this organic rendering of the moment, you may experience a range of feelings – from belly laughing, to judgment, sadness, and zoning into the flow. Simply allow whatever comes up to be. Enjoy the journey!


The Chakra System receives deep healing in relation to major archetypes and imprinted limiting beliefs and messages that affected you and humanity for eons of time. The journey begins in your Earth Star and feet chakras, and progresses through the Base chakra, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Hand chakras, Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star chakras.

A significant portion of this hour-long activation is devoted to the Base chakra to promote foundational stability and strength for the whole being. A heavy-duty team of helpers is assembled for assistance, and each person invokes the most appropriate geometric pattern to facilitate their own journey. You are guided to download solutions and remedies that will allow all healings can be received in your body and emotions as you are ready.

Here are a few examples of healings, and limiting beliefs and messages that are released:

  • False teachings about money, sex, power, and use of will
  • Church, spiritual, or cult leader mis-teachings about sin, judgment, guilt, shame
  • Imprinted statements of “You will never …” and its companion, “I can’t …”
  • Pain from times you felt you had to make your Spirit small to fit in, be invisible in order to survive, shut down your voice, be seen but not heard
  • Any life you felt the victim of any type of power struggle (emotional, psychological, family, spiritual, economic, cultural, political, land, status, job security, etc.)
  • Beliefs that restrict your ability to completely manifest creativity (life goals, career, love relationships, visions, special projects, etc.)
  • Being abandoned, shunned, outcast, condemned, punished, imprisoned, killed because you were a seer, prophet, shaman, healer, magician, white witch, wise person, way shower



Activation 16 is the perfect way to wrap up this life-changing event. Kenji sets you up for ongoing gentle integration and seamless translation of the Light information into practical daily living. As you return home, you are truly a greater embodiment of the Light.


Receive alignments that allow your body to express New Earth consciousness:

  • Allow your RNA to code/recode into New Earth consciousness expression
  • New consciousness harmonization with your original 8 cells and spinal column
  • Infuse each organ and system with Supreme Light embodiment
  • Activate the body’s innate ability to live in a healthy state indefinitely


View all versions of you – past, present, future, parallel, alternative – in complete harmony and synchronization with ease in this new-paradigm life. You receive enhanced access to all levels of the Christ grid, and your Akashic records are opened and made available to you.


This transformative immersion into healing and all that is possible will remain one of the major evolutionary steps you chose for this life. You will create the feeling state of how you wish to experience reality, and:


  • Receive visions, miracles, revelations, empowerment
  • Enter the silence and receive the final blessings from your non-physical helpers who have been working with you throughout the week
  • Acknowledge your new Guides who have entered to mentor you through this new evolutionary stage, and be with you until your next major evolutionary step


Kenji states, “Remember the archetype of the Monarch Butterfly. 

Know you are blessed and loved always. Namaste.”


Asheville New Earth Spirit-Walk Collection

5 Activation Package of Asheville Intro Activations Recorded on Kenji’s Asheville Tour.

Asheville is Calling with Intricate, Perfected Essential Energies Holding You, Now. 

This Collection Reflects Timely Support for Your Gentle, Gracious Urgence into New Earth Emergence by Securing Your Earthly Footing with Multi-Versal Expression. 

The Elemental Cleansing Energies Flow Within – without barrier – inclusive of all your immediate- distant environs & geographies for any Appropriate Reinstatements & Rectifications.

Own Your Body-Vehicle for Your Expanded-Self-Oneness Presence to Confidently Tread the Earthly Plane through Your Embodiment with Conscious Assurance.

Compassionate Neutrality upon the Earth Plane & within Humanity is the Platform.

Balance is Your Moderator-Modulator of All here.


Gracious Healing ● Miraculous Expression ● Restored Divine Transmission & Commune


Traverse the Threshold, You Are Here.

Activation 1


(Know Who-What You Are – Where You Are Going)

49min 10sec

Surging Rain-Power & the Profundity of Gaia Earth, Magnetically Return Soul fragments to Your Heart Center from Deep Inner & Outer Space Realms as Asheville Essences Intrinsically Cue & Nourish You here.

Healing Rain Showers Flush extreme polarities, distortions, shadows, uncontrolled impulses from Your Emotional Body as Carried by Buddhist-Moderation for Your Balance.

Quantum-Journey to the Realms of All Possibilities as directed by Your Higher Self. 

Experience In-Presence with Your Guardian Angel’s Loving-Support for Your Current Shifts on All Levels (Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental).

Avail Your ‘Simplest-Ease-iest’ Flow

Powered by Directional-4 

  • Expand Your Spirit (North)
  • Liberate Your Consciousness from matrices of suffering, false beliefs, stuck-ness within the veil. Ground-Center Within Your Spirituality (South)
  • Illuminate Your Emotions – the patterns they have structured affecting Your Physicality (West)
  • Reconvene Your Heart Power-Higher Mind-Wisdom – Surrender belief systems of suffering (East)


    • Release worry (effect of stress-anxiety) 
    • Identify Your Inner Child Age carrying archetypal inherited sufferance, burdens, limitations, belief systems of sin
    • Secure Your Sense of Balance on Earth with Feet Chakra Revitalisation
    • Stabilize Calm-Peace within Your Pelvic-Spine Structure as Aligned to Gaia Base
    • Purge-Purify all energies not Yours (from families, primary injuries or relationship hurts, humanity-compassions)
    • Reset Health-Point for Your Empathic Frequencies
    • Truth Tune to See – Hear – Feel
    • Reveal Your Next Step in Commune with Your Major Guide (for Your True Purpose)
    • Command Control of Your Throat Chakra
    • Level-Up Download of Higher Codes – 12 Levels of Consciousness-Power Points 
    • Purpose-Cleanse Your Medulla Oblongata for Your Divine Connectivity
    • Regulate Your Personal Space & Organ flow
    • Tone Your Soul Signature
    • This is Your Vertical Sovereign-Assignment to Harmonize-Balance Your Spinal Structure
    • Higher Downloads are Stored & Released Appropriate to Your Best & Highest


Activation 2

Next-Level Endocrine-Energetic Triangulation 

(Uber-Empower Levels of Health-Wellbeing)

39min 24secs

Infinity Flow Delivers Energetic Support Effortlessly-Securely for All Your Bodies & Mind – : Pathways are lain with Sacred Geometry in Alignment with Your intentions in this activation. 

Accompaniment of Your Star Families, Soul Group, Guardian Angel & the Council of 14 Establishes Your Stabilisation.

Crystalline Energies of the Greater Asheville Mountains-Pyramid Structures Serve to Cleanse Your bodies, lands of residence, local-surrounding communities for Miraculous Expression & Your Remembrance-Connectivity to this Territory Specific to North Carolina.


    • Deep Cleanse-Purify of all not yours (environment, astral plane, family, colleagues) 
    • Flush across all 10 Levels of the human body including blood, central nervous system, skin, connective tissues, all joints, bones, muscle structures
    • Harmonize-Restore Optic Nerve Discord from all things seen that jarred – since birth
    • Commune with Spirit Level Guidance 5th-7th Dimension Presence
    • Receive Stillness ushered-in with Deep Peace-Calm-Tranquillity Waves
    • Elevate Spinal Energisation with Central Sunlight Column-Charge Infusion
    • Spontaneously Dispel accumulated stress-anxieties of unconscious, inherited, collective fears of humanity, animal kingdoms, astral plane discord with Elevated Resonance
    • Reclaim Fragments from current-past-future lives, alternate realities, original primary earthly traumas-fears
    • Release Redundant cords, bindings, attachments now incongruent to Your Awakening- Enlightenment
    • Receive Feet Chakra Enhancements 
    • Eject Instability, confusion, discord, imbalances, lethargy, stagnation
    • Switch out of survival mode, limiting vibrations, impositions, extreme disciplines, punishments, judgments
    • Generate Quantum Capacity Receipt-Brain Function Clarity, Set Pathways to Your Forward Movement
    • Effortless-Clear Hearing-Seeing Truth
    • Harmonize Optimal Thyroid Function
    • Divine Auto-Immune Protection – Elevate Your Thymus Gland Accessibility-Resilience
    • Up-Level Your microbiome internal – skin organ – etheric membrane buffer to repel, dispel energetic ‘hitch-hikers’
    • This is an Unfolding activation Dispensed Ongoing as Appropriate to Your Needs


Activation 3

Divine Mother Nurturance 

(Your Inner Child Seeks No More)

42min 03secs

Your Multiversal Self Inspires in this activation. Your Inner-Child Healing is Perfectly Delivered from Your Dimensional 5-6 Guidance in Angel-Comfort in Peaceful All-Divine-“Mothers” Presence.

Asheville Mountains-Pyramid Structures Essentially Serve You to Center-Focus-Clarify & Harmonize the Local Territory with Your Internal-External Landscapes & Fields. 

Maui, Uluru, Mt Chasta, Mt Ranier Energies Connect for Grid-Healing-Decongestion. 

    • Fine-Tune Your Divine Coordinate Alignment to resist wayward, incongruent energies
    • Receive Profound Relaxation with Inner-Space Resonant Waves of Peace, Calm, Harmony 
    • Define Your Space with Geometric Precision
    • Release profound unconscious brain distress from limbic system, All Sacred Brain Sites contributory to all present stress, worry, physical adversities in You and of others
    • Surface, Bless, Release repressed, supressed, neglected emotions
    • Protect – cancel 5G-technological adverse effects (affecting skin, hairs on skin)   
    • Immune System Reboot – Multi-Level Action-Receipt
    • Compass God Truth – Directed by Christ-Light Golden-Oneness Rays 
    • Modulate Your Energetic Environment – Balance, Stability, Flexibility
    • Harmonize Base Power Chakra
    • Fortify Your Prime-Source Brain Channel – Ever-Open, Clear, Durable (Crown)
    • Light Waves Reciprocally Flow Healing-Awareness-Balance across local geographic structures, animal kingdoms & all beings, all bodies


Activation 4   

Your Gracious Earth Entry 

(Blue-Print Restoration from Birthing Trauma)

35min 29sec

This activation is Healing-Specific to birthing-delivery trauma from mother or child perspective from current, past life or parallel realities in Arch Angel & Mother Gaia Presence. Any interfering energies present from these delivery wounds are immaculately removed from Your Fields across all timelines & realms. Asheville Mountains-Pyramids with Crystalline Energies Hold the Space Purposefully for Your Healing-Liberation.

  • Stabilize Bodily Balance – Movement – Electric Circulatory Pathways
  • Sovereign-Tune-Optimise Thyroid Resonance – Harmonize, detach from global-family-work conditionals
  • Detoxify-Balance Skull Base – De-densify Medulla Oblongata Hypothalamus, Optic Nerve from technological, environmental toxicity
  • Return to God Portal Awareness – Reinstate Your Medulla Oblongata-Spinal Channel Integrity-Commune
  • Illuminate Awareness – foreground unconsciousness, Activate Original 8 Cells
  • Connect Your Base to Earth Power – Harmonize Your Earthly Relationship 
  • Regenerate Your Appropriate Bodily, Divine-Masculine, Endocrine Needs
  • Balance Bilateral Brain Hemispheres
  • Receive Blessings from Home Realm, Soul Group
  • Unfolding Blue-Print Restoration – this activation will run in the background until Complete


Activation 5

Breathe With Union

(Your Universal Rhythm)

40min 21secs

This activation Reflects the Accumulative Energetic Peak of this Collection with Your Shifts as Collaborated-Supported by the Asheville-Specific Healing Energies & Connectivity. Violet-Cobalt Light Frequencies Deep Cleanse & Clear. Primed Now, You Structure Energetic Triangulations for Your Spirit-Earth Connectivity & Your Vitality Flow 

  • Connect with Your 4-Directional-Point Power
  • Align Your Coordinates with Earth Energies – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical
  • Attune to Central Sun Energies – Pineal-Body Balance, Sovereign Metabolic Re-set, Ear Canal Clarification (for Clairaudience)
  • Tune Out of static frequencies, confusions
  • Access 7 Sacred-Heart Chambers – Multiple Healing Energies for Your Heart-Brain (Support for immune-cardiovascular-central nervous-respiratory systems, connective skin-muscle structures & Emotional Healing for Your Relationships)
  • Tune into Miracle-Grace Frequencies for any Need
  • Recover Your Integral Expression-Transmission Channels – Reinstate Your Throat Chakra, Communication, Metabolic, Thyroid-Parathyroid Power
  • Regenerate-Rejuvenate all physical damages of any brain-spinal functionality (injuries, accidents, trauma) 
  • Defog mental mind matter
  • Retain Wisdom – Release pattern-making of any pain-injury across all timelines-realms (cause-effect Consciousness)
  • Rainbow-Bridge Clear Connectivity – mind-emotion-body-Spirit (Heart-Lead)
  • Crystal-Clear Vision – physical, psychic
  • Express Star-Expansion
  • Inclusive of family members, significant others, pets
  • Align Your Bodies Perfectly with Ascension Energies of Earth Mother & the Central Galactic Sun for Your Divine Awakening

Author Mary Zoumpoulis