Power of Joy


1 Audio
60 minutes


This 3 activation event was recorded live April 19th, 2018.

Shift into the state of Joy and stay there. Be ready for your world to be rocked. Tamra will download Sacred Activations. Bask in this energy as Tamra clear​s​ subconscious programming that releases all fear of the future​ then activating your Flower of Life​.  Tamra’s powerful Sacred geometry Activations will align you to your highest and best frequency.​

Sheila will share her secret for living the most joyful life. Since her profound shift of awareness occurred a year ago, Sheila has been writing and sharing her infectious excitement of what she has discovered that is transformational. Be open to receive!

We will have a question answer period, then Kenji will take us into the highest state of happy, blissful, joy, joy. This activation/meditation will deepen your alignment with your divine purpose so you will have clarity on what’s next for you, free of worry and stress.

This 1 hour audio will be healing, potent, inspiring, and Joy filled.