Christos Transmission (Winter Solstice)


Liberated Illumination through Trust and Empowerment, Igniting Joyful Connection.
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This is a special time of the year for celebrating the embodiment of the Christ Principle within the heart of Mother Earth. Millions of years ago during a time of great darkness upon the Earth, a call went out to the Universe to save this earth from destruction and the Kumaras through the guidance of Sanat Kumara, logos of Venus, joined together and created a plan to save the earth and its population. A protocol was set up in the evolutionary cycle whereby evolving souls, through the process of initiation and ascension could attain the level of enlightenment through the guiding Light of Christ Consciousness. Prime Source agreed to this plan, and now today, we are witnessing the transition from the dark age of ignorance into the light age of illumination. This will take time but the seeds were planted by the Kumaras long ago so that Humanity could have a way out of the pain and suffering of illusion and duality.

Come join us in this special transmission from the Great Central Sun as we celebrate with love and gratitude the hard work of our ancestors, masters and teachers who have helped pave the way for our awakening. Lightweavers worldwide are encouraged to join in so we can create a powerful circle of Light that will dispel the darkness that is upon the earth. This is a call to the gathering of all light bearers who hold that sacred chalice and the holy grail for the enlightenment of the earth and all of humanity. The call goes out to the 12 tribes of Israel to unite in the power of Love. It is time to unite and build the rainbow bridge to the celestial realms.

This will be a spontaneous transmission of divine light from the heart of Creation for all those that are ready to receive in their heart the alchemy of love and compassion. Are you ready to heal and be the light that you are?

Blessings in oneness, Kenji

Evergreen: Recorded Thursday, December 21, 2017