Winter Solstice – I AM Activation


Video & Audio Activation
41 Minutes
Recorded Activation

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During the shortest day of the year, we are offering a profound Winter Solstice celebratory activation event to bring closure to another year of healing, miracles and transformations. This will be a collective I AM celebration where we join in Union and Oneness, channeling forth to the Earth Mother Divine Light and appreciation for her mighty earth changes and service to Humanity.

Together, we will bring greater Light into your personal lives, your businesses, your special projects and visions, your relationships, your spiritual goals and your spiritual relationship with the world and family. Allow the power of Capricorn to assist in redefining and reframing your world outlook and how you see yourself in the world (but not of it). Make a powerful commitment to being Here and Being yourself, in all your glory and wisdom.

As always, we will channel a spontaneous I AM enlightening meditation for your Soul, according to your ability to trust, receive and embody. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

“Thank you from all of us here in NJ, for the profound activation tonight. I experienced angelic messages and images and so did Mei.
Mei saw unicorns in a forest, galloping slowly toward her in day time. I experienced my mom (she died last October) telling me to have fun, and I saw an endearing image of my parents and I when I was a child. Then I received insight for navigating our estate legalities. It was so deeply peaceful. Thank you.”
– Wasser Family, N.J.


Align With Capricorn Zodiac Energy
The winter solstice is an important date in astrology. This event always aligns with the sun’s ingress into the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which heralds in the start of Capricorn season. “Capricorn is all about being proactive and disciplined, so during the winter solstice, you may feel compelled to embrace these qualities,” Gatson says. Capricorn is the zodiac’s cardinal earth signs, and it often puts our mind on matters of money and business.

If you’re into astrology, you can align your winter solstice rituals with the planetary energy. “I suggest focusing on career achievements during the winter solstice, because Capricorn rules your career and status in the world,” Gatson says. “Have an honest conversation with yourself and consider whether you are feeling purposeful in your line of work. Do you feel in alignment with your career? Are you compensated properly? Are you supported and nurtured at work? How can you achieve more clout and power in your life?” Write out your answers to these questions and start formulating your future plans.

– Bustle

Recorded live Tues, Dec 21th, 2021