Wolf Full Moon – Illumination


Recorded Activation (Instant Access)
43 minutes
Audio + Video

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Time to come together and celebrate the Wolf Full Moon and the energy of Illumination. Illumination of your gifts; illumination of your spiritual pathway; illumination of your next step; illumination on how to shift your body frequencies; illumination on how to enhance your self esteem and illumination on strengthening your mind-heart matrix.

We will invoke our Wolf ally, the Wolf power animal so Wolf can show us about how to create and maintain healthy personal and family relationships and how to care for one another. Wolf power is very strong now in the world and Wolf is more than ready to assist us in creating healthy personal and interpersonal relationships, no matter what is happening in the world of form, called the Illusion.

Your pets definitely are most welcome to attend, even your cats. It is time for doggies and kitties to come together and live in peace and harmony. Wolf will come to your pets in many forms and energy patterns. Time for pet healing. All activations are live, organic and evergreen.

Recorded live Jan 17, 2022