Hello everyone and welcome to another joyful tune -ins. And today we’re going to do receiving grace. So I’d like you to center yourself through the power of the breath, come into focus with your body, ground with the new earth, keep that space above your head open and clear, and essentially the energy is all around your body open and clear to receive.

So make sure your chakra system is open and flowing. Reclaim your boundaries, reclaim your personal space, disengage from the world as you know it. Now one very simple way to receive grace is to close your eyes and be in an open position physically.

You can put the palms of your hands on your lap, pacing upwards, both feet on the floor or if you’re sitting yoga style, just make sure your lower back is nicely arched and your spine is supported. Thank you.

You’re going to pick something in your life that is ready to receive grace. It could be any situation, any relationship, circumstances, medical condition, existential crisis, whatever it may be. Just pick one for now and bring that, whatever that energy is.

Bring it into your heart space or allow your heart space to develop it. Your spiritual heart, open wide. you You are going to call forth now from the Lord God of your being, your high self. Going to invoke from the heart of creation, from that place that we call unified consciousness or the essence of life.

Going to call forth to receive and become the power of grace. Imagine that this energy, this very powerful, invisible energy is coming from Source to you directly into your body, through your heart chakra, into your brain, through your crown chakra, into the rest of your body, through your hand chakras and your feet chakras.

and just simply allow the anointing of grace to that which you are holding inside your heart and simply allow very profound transformation to occur. You have stepped aside and you’re allowing the energy to flow through you and as you.

And allow a circulation of this grace energy throughout your nervous system, throughout your endocrine system, throughout your circulatory system, your skeletal system, your cardiovascular system, your respiratory system.

Allow it to move freely through you as you. And now reclaim this power, this energy as your inherent right, your inherent gifts, your innate wisdom. This grace is always a part of you and goes with you wherever you physically go in the world.

So let this sit for a while to attune your mind and your body to this day and let it circulate for the next 24 hours. And just simply be. So we thank you for tuning in to another joyful tune in. We wish you a very beautiful week, a very beautiful year, a very beautiful life.