This is the decade of great changes and shifts in planetary consciousness, on all levels. Every level and aspect of creation is being affected by the Photon Belt radiation, Solar Flares and planetary alignments. Every life form on this planet is being affected. Some will resist: others will learn to go with the divine flow. It is up to you to choose and decide if you will continue your journey in love or fear.

Now is the Calling of your awakening to your truth and how you wish to create your life, your relationships, your career, your spiritual journey. Will you follow your inner drummer, or tribal consciousness? Will you follow your heart or your mind? Will you follow the calling of your Soul, the road less travelled?

Whatever you choose, know that you are supported by the realms of Light and Love, by your Creator God, by your divine Spirit. Know that your Path is made clear as long as you pay attention to the whispers of your own Wisdom, and you act upon those impressions from your Heart. You can never fail. Your success is guaranteed, so follow your Bliss, as Joseph Campbell used to say.

– Whisper Of Wisdom

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