Hello and welcome once again to Wednesday Musings from the New Earth. I’d like to pose some questions to you today, to you and for you. Now, as a little kid growing up, well, as a teenager and a preteen, I used to think about God and what God is, consciousness, how is it that we are alive?

How is it that there’s this consciousness that speaks through individual human bodies? I used to think sometimes also about what would happen after the body dies and all that, like we all do, contemplating the unknown and what it’s like on the other side.

But for many years off and on, I would think about very deeply, what is consciousness? What is this thing that’s aware of being aware? Well, I never did get an answer from God necessarily back then. But I got you a very interesting story recently.

Someone sent me a TikTok video of a mother and her six -year -old boy. They were doing a selfie video driving in the car and she asked her son, who or what is God? The little boy without thinking said, well, God is everywhere or everything.

Now, in that moment that he simply responded to his mom’s. query, I had a deep insight or realization. So think about this, if we are told that God is everywhere and in everything and in everybody and in every experience, in what is preventing all of us from being in that say of communion and communication 24 -7.

Why is it oftentimes we feel lonely and afraid and fearful and distraught and anxious and depressed and overwhelmed and while you name it, right? We’re all going through different aspects in our emotional mental bodies regarding these deep earth changes and especially this year.

So what I realized was And I will pose this question to you. What if you were to look very consciously, like through your physical eyes, out just look at whatever you’re looking at, be it nature, be it the surroundings in a city where you live or work, whatever you’re doing to just with your eyes, just look out and see what you can see, especially that which we have called invisible, like, what would it be like if you could see the invisible air, if you could see the waves and particles in this invisible air that’s all around us that we really can’t label or name as such as like we can a tree or another physical body or a river or clouds in the sky.

And what if we were able to tap into that consciousness that permeates that invisible empty space that we see physically. And what if clairvoyantly we were to do the same thing to use the power of our third eye and our envisioning faculty to imagine or visualize what is in empty space or dark matter, what is in that space between form or bodies.

When we look at it energetically. And suppose that it is true that if God is in everything and everywhere in everybody and in every experience, then really what’s the search for ascension or enlightenment or awakening.

Why are we even doing that if. already we are in this unity consciousness state but we’re not aware of it quite yet. And what if regarding your body’s ability to heal itself, what if we can imagine this, what if all of the energy matter protons electrons neutrons atomic energy what if that has always been around us in our field and connected to our bodies and all we had to do was align and agree thatHello and welcome to another joyful tune -ins. Today, let’s share a little bit about what is perceived of as grief and loss. So as you look upon this last year or the last several years, many, many, many souls on this planet have experienced grief and loss in one way or another, be they the passing of their pets, their parents, their kids, family members, loss of a job, loss of housing, financial challenges.

So I’d like to give you a different idea or perspective. Let’s put it this way. Grief and loss, the experience of, emotionally and psychologically, is but an idea that you have interpreted in ways according to your history, the history of the collective unconscious, of tribal consciousness.

And what if we could change this idea around grief and loss to a place where there is no history attached, to where there is no sentiment attached, to where there are no emotional charges attached? And what if we could pretend for a moment that grief and loss, the perception of, the experience of is but a major learning lesson for the soul, for you the soul, and that it does not have to be interpreted in the historical ways that it has been interpreted by culture and civilizations.

So let’s take a moment and tune in. So bring your word and with the new earth, open up your space, open up your heart, your mind, your energy centers, and for a moment to reimagine your most recent sense of grief and loss.

And imagine that you, the being, the presence, the divine presence, is bringing that experience into the light, into the oneness. into that space where all is known and where all is given. And imagine that you are embracing this felt experience now from a new perspective, from the higher perspective of soul and spirit, in that you are now recognizing the true meaning and purpose of these experiences, and that you are recreating now a sense of wisdom and love and joy as you bring that experience into the higher vibrations so that you can acknowledge and remember the blessings that are inherent in this experience and take another deep breath and just simply embrace, be and receive and allow.

And as you come back to your body, know that you have now shifted that idea, that perspective from a place of singularity into a place of wholeness and oneness. Bless it. Allow and be. So thank you for tuning in and until next time, many, many blessings.