1:11 Gateway Empowerment


Audio + Video Activation
51 Minutes

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Join us for a celebratory evening of another 1:11 gateway empowerment. This is a follow up gateway to the recent Winter Solstice Ascension Stargate event. We will be using the energy of 1 (prime number) as we move through the 1:11 Gateway (master number) into the beginning phases of the new age of enlightenment.

The empowerment event will assist in the cleansing of past karmic patterns and from the distress of 2020 that are still remaining in your field. It is time to clear your field from the density and polarity of the Kali Yuga age of conflict and suffering (the old matrix of karma). It is now time to celebrate the spiritual work you have done since your birth and to now move your journey into joy, peace and divine flow. This event can be a quantum celebration of work well done and the passing of your post graduate studies.

Your ancestors and pets are most welcome to sit in and receive.

Evergreen Recording. Recorded live Monday, Jan 11, 2021