11:11 Portal-11-D Light Body Activation


Recorded Live Nov 11, 2023
47 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Join us for a special 11:11 Portal and 11-D Light Body Activation. We will be joined by the Council of 11 on the 11th dimension as we align and activate this high frequency solar light body matrix. 11 is also 1 and that will be the power of this presentation.

It is time to reclaim our higher frequencies of Light and knowledge. We will meditate together with the Council of 11 to begin to integrate into our lower bodies this divine matrix of the masculine and feminine cosmic polarities. The great union of cosmic Yang and Yin is born in this dimension.

We will birth the Great Seed, your universal divine creation into form so that you can begin to consciously harness your innate gift of manifesting in the physical world of form.

Please allow time for this activation to manifest in your life. This is a step by step and level by level activation and will begin to reset and recalibrate your whole chakra and nadis system as well as your auric field and E-Ms. A detox bath is recommended after listening and repeated listening is highly recommended for full benefits of the Energy.

Your Inner Children, your Guides, your ancestors and pets are most welcome to attend. Drink water afterwards and allow time for contemplation, reflection and integration. Pass this on to your tribe and those that are ready for accelerated growth, transformation and healing.

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