11:11 Portal: Raising Consciousness Activation (2016)


Originally Aired Friday, November 11, 2016
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11:11:11 Portals are archetypal doorways to inter-dimensional travel and refined states of consciousness. During this particular 11:11:11 opening, we will journey into parallel realities to enhance your consciousness knowing of your spirit journey in this form world called Earth-GAIA.

During this one hour activation, we will journey as deep as you allow and bringing back to your body the necessary frequencies for enhanced self healing, clarity of purpose and deep stress reduction.

The meditation will hold periods of deep silence as we journey within to connect to more profound aspects of Self and Being-ness. The effects of this meditation will show up in your life as needed and your on-going benefits will integrate in your daily life as you trust your intuitions and act accordingly.

This is a beneficial activation for the whole family and your tribe, so the more, the merrier.

Peace, Kenji

What people have said about Online Activations

“Thank you Kenji! I really needed that!! Wonderful!!! It’s amazing the points you hit upon that are SO relevant. I always feel like you are talking JUST to me…”

-Reis from Mexico

“I feel the energy shifting and transmuting in my body, mind and field. Thank you!!! As always! Namaste”

-Sue from Arlington Heights