2022 Special Events Mini Package 2 (6 Activations)


6 Activations
Audio & Video Activations
Over 4 Hours of Content

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This Bundle contains 6 of the Special Events for 2022, including the incredibly powerful Fall Equinox Activation – DNA Reset. This bundle contains over 4 hours of audio and video content. These activations are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released.

Activations Included:

Easter Blessings with The Christ Family (51 Minutes)
The Blessings that will be brought forth will align perfectly with the modern energy of this great Earth Shift and planetary cleansing so that each one of you can be the harbinger, the messenger, the path creator of these Blessings for those that have ears to hear, eyes to see and heart to feel and know this divine energy that comes from Source Creator through the christ planes of oneness and unity and infinity Love.We will bring forth those masters, angelics and elementals that best reflect this divine consciousness of infinity Love and allowance. Each will experience these Blessings in their own unique way, in your own unique divine right timing and place. We will briefly touch upon the following concepts to help bring clarity as to their divine purpose and intent.

Recorded Live April 17, 2022

Fall Equinox Activation – DNA Reset (44 Minutes)
Our DNA holds not only the ancient memories of pain, suffering and conflict and also all of our learned and inherited gifts, talents and creativity. Our DNA kodons are like codes that we can either pause or delete, or activate. The codes are like software programs that run in the background of our consciousness. We can be aware of them or not. Some codes represent our shadow aspect, inner child and superconsciousness, or meta-consciousness. Since our DNA is flexible and is constantly being affected by our thoughts, emotions and actions, we can enhance the positive traits and genetics and delete the negative traits that now have been learned, called your wisdom. We will go deep into our DNA structure and Gene pool to delete the old programs and activate our future Codes that will advance us along our spiritual pathway with greater love, insight, blow, balance and harmony. We have the power to alter our personality, physical body and concrete mind. We will be joined by the Angelic DNA masters, the Elemental Kingdom and your High Council and Healing Team. Be prepared for another outrageous quantum experience. Your pets, ancestors and Inner Child are most welcome to attend.

Recorded Live September 22, 2022

Pre Solar Eclipse – The Shift Within (50 Minutes)
The shift within is the re-focusing of our awareness from the outside to the inside, from the outer to the inner, from the material to the mystical and from from to essence. We will make adjustments and recalibrations to our pineal-pituatary-thalamus triangulation, our crown and base chakras, kundalini channels and power centers of the body. The shift within is the great awakening, both personal and planetary. This eclipse event will help illuminate and empower our auric field and chakra system. We will do some deep cleansing of our earth star and soul star chakras so we can strengthen our electro-magnetic and magnetic field and connection with the Great Central Sun and the New Earth.We will be assisted by the 12 Rays Of Creation, inner earth masters of light, the Nature Kingdom and the Seraphim energy. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Recorded Live October 24, 2022

New Moon/Solar Eclipse Activation – Chakra Healing (51 Minutes)
Healing the chakras is important in the ascension process, just as is the healing of the original core fear and wounding, brain-heart trauma, in utero-birthing trauma, early childhood trauma, father-mother trauma, church trauma, schooling trauma, punishment trauma, first marriage trauma, past lives death trauma and general tribe consciousness mass hypnosis or imprinting trauma. In this unique activation experience, we will go as deep into the healing of the chakras as you allow. Much will be given on the unseen levels, in your super consciousness mind and in your body’s sub atomic levels. Your ego personality and inner child are most welcome to attend. It is time for these levels to be free of pain and suffering and liberated into the new earth matrix. It is time for the unification of mind and body and for your spiritual and physical lives to be one and connected.

Recorded Live April 30, 2022

Winter Solstice: Channeling Prayers w/ Q & A (78 Minutes)
Trusting in the guidance I received months ago to offer an event who’s theme is channeling prayers; all different kinds and types of prayers; prayers that anyone and everyone can relate to no matter what their faith, path or practice; prayers of all different kinds of meanings and perspectives; prayers that will be spontaneously channeling for each person in the live and replay audience – We are now ready to offer up this challenging, for me, never before offered spontaneous event. I feel we really need this kind of Energy right now on the planet. The prayers will be self empowering and self working, meaning the energy will permeate one’s cellular and sub-atomic levels. The prayers will be like Declarations and Re-Statements that can re-configure consciousness and subtle bodies. They have the innate knowingness of healing consciousness so that one’s greater Mind can remain clear and focused and the body soft and flexible.

Recorded Live December 21, 2022

8:8 Lionsgate Activation 2022 (55 Minutes)
This year brings a most powerful, impactful, and far-reaching 8:8 Lionsgate as many lightworkers are ready for advanced self-empowerment and Soul expansion. In today’s evergreen presentation, you will receive quantum level encodements, sub-atomic cellular activations, and re-framing of your Light Bodies templates. In addition, you will receive magnetic field reconstruction and re-wiring to hold the ascension frequencies of universal love. We will align with and merge with the power of Grace & Blessings for your auric field and 36 chakra system as well as your kundalini channels, the Chrism, and Crystal Palace (Cave of Brahma). Your pineal cavity will receive an up-leveling to the 12 Rays of Creation and your Thymus gland, upgrading for a stronger immune system. We will attune to the Infinity Power of the double 8 as we synchronize our higher mind with the Sirius Elder Council and Star Beings that are depicted in ancient hieroglyphics and cave and rock drawings by the First Nation peoples of many cultures.

Recorded Live August 8, 2022