2023 Stargate Package


6 Meditation Activations
Over 5 hours of content
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This Bundle contains all 6 of the Stargate Events of 2023. This bundle contains over 5 hours of content. The activations in these classes are evergreen, meaning they are just as potent year after year as the time they were released. Like all my activations, listening to them repeatedly will increase their effects.

In this package you will receive:

1:1 Stargate 2023: 12-D Diksha (51 Minutes):
This January 1st 2023 1:1 Stargate First Light Diksha Gateway 12th Dimensional activation is a multi-layered bestowal of energies for the new year of 2023 from Source. Empower yourself with this energetic calibration to match the many changes and shifts coming to us this year. Diksha is an approach to receiving miracles of grace and wonder, an initiation ceremony. You will be supported by the 12:12 Angelics as Kenji leads you to create space to make all things new. Each time you do this ceremony of giving and receiving Diksha you will be given a new level experience as you are ready. This activation is always live and evergreen each time you experience it.

Pre Wesak/Buddha Day/5:5 Gateway/Lunar Eclipse – Illumination (59 Minutes):
On May 5th of each year, during the Full Moon of Taurus, the Wesak Buddha Day Festival is celebrated to commemorate the birth, death and ascension of Gautama Buddha. In this magnificent journey to the Himalayas, Kenji leads you to this sacred place within yourself to celebrate the Wesak Buddha Day Festival. This year the gathering of reverence coincides with a Lunar Eclipse. The Christ Jesus, known as Yeshua, is interlaced in this illuminated ceremony as well. This is a day to receive blessings, wisdom, compassion and divine grace from these two Luminaries.

6:6 Gateway- Babaji Tune In (53 Minutes):
Join us for a special Babaji and Kriya Tune In through the 6:6 Gateway event. Babaji initiated the Kriya Yoga lineage, of which great swan Yogananda was a disciple. He has been holding sacred meditative space for humanity for a couple thousand earth years. 6 is a number of love and service and contains two balanced sacred 3 numbers, which represents Trinity within the Oneness. Babaji, Yogananda (who brought yoga to the West and Yeshua work closely together.
Babaji = Revered father
Kriya = Purposeful Intention

8:8 Lionsgate 2023 – Illumination (51 Minutes):
Join us for another special edition and transmission of 8:8 Lionsgate 2023. This Stargate will bring in a dispensation of Light that is much needed for GAIA and humanity as humanity moves deeper into the Great Shift and Transition into the higher dimensions and octaves of Light. Your spiritual anatomy will be flooded with divine Light from the higher realms as we prepare for your ascension into Illumination and Enlightenment. Prepare your Pineal-Pituitary glands for the infusion of Divinity, A detox bath and lots of earthing are suggested before this auspicious planetary event. The Sirian High Council will be very present for this activation.

11:11 Portal-11-D Light Body Activation (47 Minutes):
Join us for a special 11:11 Portal and 11-D Light Body Activation. We will be joined by the Council of 11 on the 11th dimension as we align and activate this high frequency solar light body matrix. 11 is also 1 and that will be the power of this presentation. It is time to reclaim our higher frequencies of Light and knowledge. We will meditate together with the Council of 11 to begin to integrate into our lower bodies this divine matrix of the masculine and feminine cosmic polarities. The great union of cosmic Yang and Yin is born in this dimension. We will birth the Great Seed, your universal divine creation into form so that you can begin to consciously harness your innate gift of manifesting in the physical world of form.

12:12 Stargate-12 Chakra Activation (43 Minutes):
You are cordially invited to attend this special 12:12 Stargate on the 12 Chakra System. In this presentation, we will journey within the 12;12 Stargate to align and access your 12 dimensional solar and galactic knowledge and how you can apply these high frequency dimensions to your daily life.The Council of 12 (Intergalactic) will assist your Soul in remembering your ancient knowledge and skills in applying self healing, transformational awareness and quantum understanding to all aspects of your earth life. This is a very powerful gateway and the energy that will be ignited will be everlasting in its effects upon your mind-body relationship and your 4 lower bodies.