2:2 Gateway – Angelic Attunement #3 – Seraphim


Meditation Activation
Recorded Live Feb 2nd, 2023
Length 49 Minutes
*Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript
Early Bird till January 8th



In this unique presentation on the Seraphim, we will be aligning with and receiving their powerful cleaning and purification rays of Light. This will be a high vibrational activation that can teach us how to receive and embody the seraphimic state of consciousness. Seraphim acts as collective consciousness that do the will of the Creator in helping humanity clear their unconscious blocks and internal fears and doubts and cleansing and purifying all dense astral energies. Come prepared for this evergreen and organic event by fasting, earthing and clearing your chakra system and auric field of all lower and dense energies.

Your inner child, pets and ancestors are welcome to attend in the 5th dimension. For maximum brain calibration, earbuds or headphones are most beneficial for listening. Drink extra water the day of the event. Activations are live, organic and evergreen and work in the background of our life as needed until complete.

Notes on Seraphim:
These Beings are also called “God-loving”, “Burning Angels” and “Fire-like”, because they burn with everlasting love for the Almighty.

The origin of the word Seraphim comes from the Hebrew word seraph, meaning “to burn” or “fiery”. In that sense, a Seraph could mean “The One who burns”, or “The One who Shines”.

Because of this, the alternative name of the Seraphim is Fire Spirits. They are beings of pure light, Angels of love and fire. They radiate Pure Divine Light. They convey the energy of God’s mercy toward the periphery of the Divine Creation.

These Angels work with huge inner reserves of compassion and Divine love. They constantly focus on raising the rate of their vibrations to maintain the Divine energy stable and untainted.

As the higher choir of Angels, the Seraphim are connected with the White Ray of Ascension that contains the vibration of God’s purity. They imbue the entire Universe with Divine healing powers; they embody love, light, and Divine fire, as well as harmony and perfection.

According to an ancient legend, the Seraphim form an uninterrupted circle around the throne of God at the heart of the Great Central Sun. Filled with adoration, they constantly repeat: “Holy, holy, holy is God Almighty!”

The name Seraph is a synonym for the tireless and eternal loyalty to the Divine principles. They are the essence of the unconditional Divine love, light, sanctity and fire. Continually permeated with the intense and tireless God’s activity, they understand God almost entirely.