3:3 Stargate – 3-Fold Flame Of The Heart


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58 Minutes



Please join us for a special online event on the 3-Fold Flame of your Sacred Heart. As you ascend into the higher frequencies of expanded consciousness and knowledge, the body will need to elevate it’s vibration and frequency to match the expanded states of consciousness. Today’s event will help you to integrate the 5D energies so you can begin to express more fully your divine gifts, talents and supernatural powers.

Each flame represents an aspect of the Divine: Will and Power, Universal Love and Compassion and Intelligent Action. All 3 are needed to remain in balance for you to express, in harmony, your soul attributes and the power of your I AM Presence. We are moving from doing to presence and the activation of your 3-Fold Flames will assist in this regard.

The sacred spiritual heart contains 3 divine flames that represent your I AM Presence and the essence of Soul. Golden, Rose Pink and Cobalt Blue are the emanations of your 3 Fold Flame. The activation of your 3 Fold Flame will enable your body to express and manifest the power of your higher frequencies and keep in divine balance your sacred Trinity expression. We will invoke the love and support of the ascended master realms and the Elohim of Peace for this joyous heart opening. In addition, your Kundalini channels will begin to purify and cleanse from the density of the old matrix as you prepare for your ascension into the 5D realm of Oneness and deeper communion with your divine guides.

We will invite the Divine Trinity and St Germain to support us in this journey of awakening. The power of 3 will enfold us in this spontaneous activation. Your ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Thurs, March 3, 2022