Lionsgate Meditation / New Moon / Solar Eclipse


Liberated Illumination through Trust and Empowerment, Igniting Joyful Connection.

30 Minutes
Thursday, August 9th at 5:00 PM Pacific
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Meditation feedback: 

  “Holy Heaven.. Thank you and all divine beings in attendance  still vibrating  
– Maureen H. 

​In this pre-New Moon/Lionsgate activation, ​we will go deep within the quantum silence to embody the quantum in the cells and organs of our body. The focus will depend on the live audience present and your pets are welcome to sit with us.

The Lionsgate Portal is considered a gateway into the heavens and into higher realms of consciousness. During this time, higher frequency energies from the star Sirius, are beamed down onto Earth, in order to help advance the human race and raise the consciousness of the planet.

The Lionsgate Portal is activated every year on August 8th when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky.

During this time it is easier to access higher realms, and receive downloads from angels, messengers, and your loved ones from the other side. It is also a favorable time for healing deep seeded wounds, and opening both the heart chakra and third eye.

But what exactly is taking place in the cosmos that allows us to experience this?

The Lionsgate Portal involves three key players- the Sun, the Earth, and the star Sirius.

Sirius has long been known as our “Spiritual Sun” and is revered by many ancient cultures as a place of higher consciousness. It is believed that higher frequency beings inhabit Sirius and that it is home to the purest type of love.

Many ancient Shamanic tribes also believe that Sirius is the gateway to heaven, and that our souls go there once we depart from our physical bodies.

Sirius is also believed to be far more technologically advanced than Earth, and many Starseeds who have memories of originating from Sirius, claim that they have access to technologies that are nowhere near close to being discovered on Earth.

Even though Lionsgate happens on August 8th, it is actually set in motion in July.

On July 4, the energy of the Sun and Sirius align. Now, both these stars are very far away, but looking up at the sky, it appears that they merge into one another.

The merging of their energies was seen as very auspicious and was considered a time where our Sun would fuse with the energy of Sirius in order to upgrade its energy and level of frequency.

For all of July, the ancients watched our Sun get swallowed by the magnificent Sirius, and it was believed at this time that our Sun experienced a type of “death”.

The ancients would watch as these two heavenly bodies would appear as one, and would wonder what secrets and messages Sirius would be whispering to our Sun.

Then come the first week of August, Sirius and the Sun would rise again as separate stars. This was an auspicious time and represented a grand rebirth and the opening of the Lionsgate portal.

Sirius would align in Orion’s belt, the Sun would be in the constellation of Leo (hence the name Lionsgate), and together our physical Sun and spiritual Sun would beam down onto Earth, activating these higher frequencies.

Although the rising of Sirius and the Sun happens during the first week of the month, the 8th of August is still considered the most auspicious and the most significant date of this portal because it is when the Sun and the Earth align directly opposite each other.

It is this opposition that allows our newborn Sun, that has been bathed in the glorious Sirian energy to send high-frequency beams directly to planet Earth. These high frequencies can make it easier for Earth’s inhabitants to receive upgrades, updates, downloads, and higher wisdom and knowledge.

This high-frequency energy is mostly received through the heart chakra and third eye. It is common around the time of the Lionsgate Portal to receive heart healings, heart openings, and third-eye awakenings.

Because this energy is so easily accessible, doing rituals and working on your heart and third eye chakras can be extremely effective and potent. It is also a powerful time to do release work to help cleanse away any blockages that may be present.

Even though the heart and third eye chakras are always activated around the time of the Lionsgate Portal, in 2018, it also seems that the chakra at the back of our neck is also going to be activated.

This little-known chakra is called the Cerebellum Chakra, and is extremely sensitive to psychic energies and empathic energies. Empaths are on the rise on planet Earth, and this is because we desperately need more love, empathy, compassion, and understanding.

The greater message for Lionsgate 2018 is to embrace these empathic qualities and to think about we can use them to help serve the planet. The energy from this Lionsgate is about honoring empathic gifts and knowing that they can be a source of strength, rather than a weakness.

We live in a world where showing empathy is not always encouraged, but if the Sirian waves can tell us anything, it is that love reigns supreme. In fact, the only thing that is real, the only thing that is left when we strip the ego bare, is love.

The more we can love through our hurts and through our sorrows, the more we can forgive, the more we can open our hearts to the beings we share this planet with, the greater chance we have to create a better world for ourselves and each other.

Loving is really about accepting one another, and trusting that even though we may have different values, and different ways of life, we are all here on our own unique journey and we are all here to teach and show each other the way.

Loving is not about allowing yourself to become a doormat or tolerating bad behaviour, it is about acknowledging and accepting people for exactly who they are. It is about accepting without judgement, and seeing that there is so much more to each and every one of us than just what we see.

We are all cut from the same cloth, we are all made of the same thing, and we will all return to the same place. We were all chosen to be born on Earth to help the planet, to help our fellow humans, and to remember, even though we are constantly distracted by our differences, that we are all one and the same.

We are here for a unique journey, a journey to find love, to find ourselves, and to leave this planet in better shape than when we found it. We don’t have to do anything heroic, we don’t have to sail the seven seas, all we need to do is find our way to the truth. For when you arrive at the seed of truth that lives within and crack it open, all you will find is love.

During the Lionsgate Portal, protect your Cerebellum Chakra by cleansing it daily. To do this, simply allow warm water to hit the back of your neck and repeat the following mantra or write your own-

“It is safe for me to open my heart, it is safe for me to see through my eye. It is safe for me to lean into all that I feel. For when I do, I find my strength, I find my truth, and I find what I am guided to do.”

It is also recommended to meditate on the Lionsgate Portal to help open and receive any intuitive messages and insights.