Christ Meditation 11 – The 1:1 Christ Path


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This unique Christ Meditation class will focus on the 1:1 Christ Path where you will have the opportunity to move through the 1:1 Christ Stargate to your Christ Path of Initiation. This christed path is an initiatory path designed for evolving masters of light, love and wisdom.

Those that have chosen this path for this incarnation have the internal strength and courage to move through and to master the emotional hurdles that are part of this path. The mastery of the emotional body may be the hardest of all the initiations on the path to Mastery, for it involves the mastery of non attachment, non identification, the transcending of emotional duality and the clearing from the physical body of all emotional impressions, imprinting and unconscious programming from this current lifetime (especially early childhood and birthing traumas), past lives, ancestor/family conditioning and the collective astral plane influences and samsaras.

We invite you to attend LIVE for this powerful meditation through the 1:1 Stargate as the masters of love and compassion will accompany us into a deep journey into the quantum realms of Is-ness and Being-ness. You will be assisted by the 1:1 christed masters from the 12th dimension.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

Recorded live Wed Oct 6, 2021