Accessing Divine Intelligence: Christ Meditation 4


Video + Audio Activation
46 Minutes

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Join us for our next CM presentation on aligning with the Christed Energy. The Christ (non religious) Energy is within all levels of Creation and is accessible to all. It is known on all levels as the Christ Energy. It comprises all rays of manifestation, all wisdom from all Souls, the collective Love energy of all forms of creation, and the divine intelligence of the Universe. Yeshua and all masters of wisdom expressed this signature energy when they were on the planet. The angelics hold this frequency as well and exist on all levels of creation.

In this powerful presentation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Align with your divinity and innate wisdom
  • Access divine intelligence in a new profound way
  • Merge with higher dimensional understanding beyond mind
  • Infuse your higher dimensional light bodies with much needed light infusions
  • Emboy your chakra system with upgraded codes of Light
  • Enhance your immune system to overcome all viruses and bacterias

Invite your tribe and pets for another outstanding evening of the Quantum. Your ancestors are most welcome to attend and receive the Blessings and Grace.

Originally recorded March 18th, 2021