Clear and Perfect Channel – I Am That I Am


Master Series 1 Intensive Attunements
Recorded Live August 2012 in Fairfield, IA
6 Audio Files
Total Length- 189 Minutes



This attunement series was recorded live during the August 2012 Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series 1 Intensive in Fairfield, Iowa. You will experience profound meditations in the heart of the quantum field.  Expect deep shifting and alignments.  Anda Apsitis plays bowls and gong.

6 Audio Files
Total length: 189 Minutes
Included Audios:

  1. “Brain Activation and Re-Patterning”
  2. “Meeting Your Guardian”
  3. “Quantum Lightweaving®- Advanced Protocol Review”
  4. “Invoking the Solar Cross- Sun Chakra Activation”
  5. “Journey to the Heart of Creation”
  6. “Deleting Illusion- Activation of Light Codes”

Themes include:  Home-world Energies – Twin-flame Counterpart – Imprinting – Self-Destructive Patterning – Lymphatic System – 250 Representatives – Detachment – Eye of the Soul – Akashic Records – Assemblage Point – Unconscious Resistance – Solar Cross Invocation – Synthesis of Opposites – Trauma Collapse – Unconscious Energy – Power of Hands/Feet – Physical Limitations – Power Points – Heart of Creation – Enzymes/Genes/Chromosomes – Releasing from Gravity – Attachments – Throat Healing – Golden Divine Voice – Integration of I Am-Light Codes/Light Language -Activating DNA – Deleting All Illusions