New Perspectives On Money Full Moon Online Activation


Full Moon Activation
Originally Broadcast Thursday, January 12, 2017
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Greetings to you in this new year of awakening consciousness. We want to start off this new year with quantum options for manifesting your prosperity and abundance on a financial level. Many are still facing the lack of, the scarcity of, the not enough of money, which on one level, represents your physical ability to maintain a livelihood on the planet and to express your spiritual dharma, or life purpose. Why the struggle with money? Why are healer types still struggling with money to support their grand vision? Why is the middle class struggling to pay their bills? Why are we in credit card debt? Why are college graduates burdened with a huge loan debt?

We will offer solutions (to free ourselves from the matrix of lack and limitation) as we go deep into the collective unconscious and tribal beliefs regarding money, power and status.

In this one-hour activational experience, we will go deep into the shadow aspects of humanity’s collective beliefs about money. In this powerful presentation, we will:

  • Bring up our hidden beliefs around money, power and status
  • Go through our ancestral and family lineage to uncover their unspoken money beliefs
  • Release our vibrational connection to tribal consciousness (mass beliefs) and the collective struggle with money
  • Purify our emotional body of the burden of lack and scarcity
  • Create healthy beliefs, thoughts and attitudes around money manifestation
  • Begin to embody and feel what it is like to be spiritually prosperous, abundant and alive

Your on-going potential benefits from this presentation will be given according to your belief and trust in yourself and the universe. A doorway opens as you progress: quantum shifting, miracles and blessings beyond your wildest imaginations.

Come prepared to shift your life around 180 degrees. Bring a friend and invite your pet(s) to join in the fun of creating a new money reality. The comedy team will be present to assist when needed (and asked).