Generational Healing 8.8 (Part 3) Marriage & Parenting Archetypes


1 Hour Run Time
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Part 3 of an 8 Week Workshop Series using the power of 8 (As Above-So Below, Infinity, Oneness, Unity)

Series Overview

In this unique online series, join me in un-earthing and uncovering the truth as we initiate the generational healing codes to clear not only your body’s DNA but the DNA of your current family members and your family tree. The buck stops here now as we delete the pain and suffering code and replace it with the peace and joy code, which is our natural inheritance.

** You can purchase the full series at a discount here

Part 3 – Marriage & Parenting Archetypes
Date & Time: Thursday, February 7th, 2019 at 5:00 PM Pacific – 1 Hour

In this class 3, we will go into the old paradigm of Marriage and Parenting. These archetypes are the basics for the family unit and evolving humanity. These are core 1st chakra survival functions and when they do not work well, disharmony begins to develop. We hold such outdated notions of what marriage is supposed to be about, and how we are supposed to discipline and raise our children. We either accept or reject our parents notions of these archetypes. The New Earth paradigm is providing us with fresh eyes to create a new way of approaching relationships and agreements.

Originally Broadcast Feb 7th, 2019


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