Dialogues With Remarkable Souls:  Sheila Gale


Tuesday, February 19th @ 10:30AM Pacific

Remarkable Soul: Sheila Gale

Sheila Gale~ Assisting People in Living Extraordinary Lives!

3 Bullet Points
~How you feel is the key to receiving abundance
~The Law of Attraction in Action~
~It's Time for You to Thrive~

Listener Benefits

~Mind Chatter will Cease~
~You will Understand that YOU have all the power to be HAPPY~no
Matter WHAT is going on in Your Life~
~Fear and Stress will simply leave~

Sheila Gale has been heard on the airways for the past 30 years on twelve AM & FM radio stations from Los Angeles to Monterey,..
Over the past 14 years Sheila has been a pioneer in Inspirational Talk and New Thought Radio, interviewing hundreds top energy healers and spiritual leaders like Byron Katie, Bruce Lipton, Anita Moorjani, Lisa Nichols, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf and Marci Shimoff. Her mission is to assist people to awaken to their infinite potential.

In April, 2017, Sheila stopped her radio career. She stopped every part of her public life, and went within. “I couldn’t interview one more person. Like many, I had searched for life’s meaning, for happiness and joy, but nothing lasted. I was miserable.”

Sheila knew she was unwilling to go on with her life as it was. Her demand to the Universe was, “I’m done! Either show me anther way to live or get me outta here!” The next 18 months has was the greatest, and most magical adventure of her life. Sheila discovered the Blueprint for Joy, a simple way to live in the frequency of joy, no matter what’s going on. Her journey led her to Sedona, Arizona where she now lives with the new love of her life, her new dog Tory and her horse, Sundance. Sheila offers her formula for living the best life ever, as well as life coaching, when she’s not hiking or creating art from the Sedona red rocks.
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Sheila’s passion for understanding how life works, her tenacity, authenticity, and great ability to communicate, makes her a sought after motivational speaker and teacher of transformation.