Dialogues With Remarkable Souls:  Aurora Luna Star


– a virtual journey of discovery and delight –
Your host: Kenji Kumara, M.A.

Thurs, March 28, 5pm Pacific


Remarkable Soul: Aurora Luna Star

Thurs, March 28 @ 5pm Pacific

Special Gift for All Participants: 50% off on Personal Activators  (learn more)

Theme: Manifest Change with “Heart Intelligence”

  • What is Heart Intelligence?
  • How Can Heart Intelligence Help Manifest Change?
  • What Can We Do To Anchor Heart Intelligence Into Our Lives?

Listener Benefits

  • Experience Synchronicities
  • Find More Joy
  • Heighten Intuition and Awareness


Aurora Luna Star specializes in soul evolutionary activations, star journey meditations, and field cohesion realignment. As a channel for the ELders of the Cosmos, Aurorabrings forth light codes using sound, color, geometry and light language from many ethereal sources, offering assistance to those who feel guided to step into their highest potential in this now moment. Her greatest joy is empowering each person to realize their unlimited nature and see themselves for the master beings that they already are.

As we are in a great time of remembering, each one of us is carrying information from past life experiences that we have brought with us to this time and space in order to discover the change we are capable of manifesting. We have brought these blueprints forward through our soul to be activated and awakened. As a Soul Evolutionary Activator, Aurora offers a clear channel for the ELders, sharing the tools that re-awaken and activate your highest self.

Aurora has a great love and passion for dance, music, art, singing and quantum physics, and conduits aspects of these modalities into her healing work. Aurora is committed to the awakening of our star and angelic families here on Earth and is joyfully participating in co-creating the timeline shifts for ascension consciousness to ground deeply on our planet.



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