Dialogues With Remarkable Souls:  Angelica Isis Azura


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Thurs, April 11, 5pm Pacific


Remarkable Soul: Angelica Isis Azura

Date: Thurs, April 11 @ 5pm Pacific

Theme:  Soul to Soul Parenting

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Join us for an interactive meeting of the minds with Angelica Isis Azura.

Angelica shares the gifts of Akashic Records reading to achieve true transformation.

I am a proud mother of two beautiful girls who are 6 and 7 years old. 11 years ago, after a very bad conflict at work I have discovered personal development books for myself. I set on a journey to master the art of life, to understand who I was, to find my life purpose and most of all to understand why my life was actually not the way I wanted it to be. I spent 10 years going through the dark sides of my soul. I was caught in the drama of emotionally and physically abusive relationship for 10 years. Only to emerge completely reborn and healed from the inside out, fully standing in my own truth. I am passionate to share with women the wisdom of my own journey in the underworld of my soul and the empowering gifts of motherhood. Also, share the gifts of Akashic records reading to achieve true transformation.

Academic credentials:
Masters degree in Mathematics
Certified Qigong instructor.
Certified Soul Realignment practitioner (Akashic Records reader)

Bullet Points
1. How to use Akashic records for parenting
2. The importance of knowing who your child at the soul level is
3. The importance of your own mother’s instinct
4. How to get guidance for your parenting decisions

Listener Benefits
I will share how I use Akashic records to parent my two girls. When you know who your child is at the soul level you start to understand your child much more. You can provide parenting based on who the child is but not based on how you wanted to be parented. You know exactly your child’s talents and how to nurture them. Knowledge of your shared karma gives you valuable insight into your own blind spots. I will share my own practices how I get guidance when I am in doubt as to what kind of decision to make for my child.

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