Ascension Journey Remembered 2023 (Healing Easter Day Wounds)


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live April 9th, 2023
Length 58 Minutes
Early Bird Till April 9th
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



***DISCLAIMER: If you have already purchased the Easter Celebration 2023 event, you already have access to this event***

Kenji leads you on an Activational Event deep within yourself to understand the true meaning of Christ consciousness on the day of Easter. You will come into the NOW moment allowing Earth Mother to totally support your body as you open up all of your chakras for remembrance and renewal. All of Christ’s angelic family is called in as well as the Elementals, your ancestors, pets, guides and your soul group.

You will access the Akashic record of your previous lifetime during Yeshua’s time on Earth. Access your field and your consciousness allowing deep knowingness of your relationship with the love and allowance of the Christ consciousness that transcends all religions, dogma and process. There will be an activation of your pineal and pituitary glands and all of the sacred areas within including your telepathic abilities to allow your body to fully receive this anointing and Holy gifts. Explore the archetypal healing for you of HIs life. Your remembrance allows your intuition to flow freely as you feel the energetics of the conception and birth of the beloved Master. As your body is the vehicle of your Divine Expression, move into the Oneness that activates all of your subtle bodies. Behold that on the day of Easter you make all things anew. You will know and allow the deep knowingness of your relationship to the Christ consciousness and the principle of unconditional love and allowance, the consciousness that transcends all cultures, religions, dogma and philosophies. This will activate the three-fold flame of your sacred heart chakra and your telepathic abilities. You will receive the gifts of the Three Wise Men into your deep awareness as you remember your relationship to the Christ family and inner circle.

Remember and experience the events and symbolism of the baptism of Jesus, the purification and the many trials and travels of Jesus of Nazareth as well as the crucifixion, the resurrection, the tomb and the ascension as major initiations of the soul. Learn how this history has affected you in all of your lifetimes since then and how it affects your destiny, your soul mission and your purpose. You will receive a sure message and downloads of clarity and confirmation of your next ascension steps for the coming year.

Your ancestors, pets and guides are most welcome to attend on the highest planes of the New Earth. Activations are evergreen and “run” in the background of your life until complete, according to your belief and trust in Self. Drink water for integration. Earbuds are recommended for deep brain empowerment. A brief healing crisis may occur. Do not worry. Detox baths are recommended at each listening session so the body can clear old energy.
* According to the Julian Calendar, April 1 is the first day of the New Year. #9 day is a completion number.